The historical path of Methenolone Enanthate and main Primobolan properties

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Pharmaceuticals whose main goal is to increase muscle mass can significantly increase your results in bodybuilding. Of course, it is no longer a secret that during natural training the body will not look like an athlete from a glossy magazine. And even if you already have a great training experience along with the right programs and nutrition.

So, among the whole variety of anabolic steroids, Methenolone Enanthate is considered the hit. It is also called Primobolan. Compared to other anabolics, it undoubtedly stands out for its highly effective features. But it is valued not only for these qualities. It is Primobolan that has the highest level of safety for health. Consider this hit steroid in more detail.

Primobolan – a magical drug recommended by Schwarzenegger himself

This anabolic steroid is widely known. And who would have thought

Primobolan steroid is a pharm recommended by Schwarzenegger himself. It was this world-famous actor who publicly stated that he took this anabolic to increase strength, as well as for more intense training. And this fact just says that this pharm is very, very effective. And it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Methenolone Enanthate is preferred by many bodybuilders. After all, this drug will perfectly help you to prepare for competitions. In comparison with other anabolics, this does not contribute to fluid retention, so that at the end of the steroid cycle, the body does not swell, but only acquires a beautiful relief. This is the main “highlight” of this drug, because the muscles of an athlete after taking it will become clearly defined and rigid. And this is exactly what every athlete strives for.

Initially, the anabolic was used only for medical purposes. But more specifically – Primobolan helped to cure such an ailment as anemia, both in children and in women. In addition, it was actively used in the treatment of premature babies (the drug perfectly compensated for the lack of weight). The results simply excelled themselves, as this hormone did no harm to the children. Also, this substance has proven itself also for the therapeutic purposes of osteoporosis and diverse pathologies of muscle tissue. And this pharmaceutical product has a beneficial effect on corticosteroids, while blocking their activity. There were also cases when Methenolone Enanthate showed good results in the treatment of hepatitis, as well as carcinomas.

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Soon, pro athletes appreciated all the qualities of a steroid, including minimal health complications. After all, Primobolan is one of the safest anabolics. And due to its moderate nature, it is also ideal for both the males and females.

Amateurs, along with professional athletes, unanimously argue that this anabolic shows the best results in conjunction with such potent steroids as Oxymetholone, Methandienone, Nandrolone, as well as with a variety of Testosterones.

The pharmaceutical product is available in two formats – injection and tablet. And as for the injection version, it is more effective than the oral variation. Especially when it comes to the use of this steroid by women. In addition, Primobolan, administered by injection, will be much cheaper, and the active component will arrive more evenly. But the tablet version is prone to destruction by liver enzymes.

But in principle, this anabolic can help to achieve excellent results. But it is necessary to know its nature and of course, how to use it properly. And in this aspect, many consumers simply “fail miserably”, and expectations do not exceed the result. That is why you need to know all the nuances of the application and be sure to consult a specialist, so that subsequently all this does not lead to huge disappointment.

What is the historical trajectory of Methenolone Enanthate

The very first mention of this anabolic steroid dates back to the 1960. So what is the historical trajectory of Methenolone Enanthate?

In the US market as prescription-only medicine, Primobolan appeared thanks to a company called Squibb in ’62. At that time, this hormone was sold under the name Methenolone Enanthate, and after a certain period of time it was already under the Nibal® Depot brand. In the same year, a company under the name Schering (West Germany) seized the rights to this substance. And soon, this pharmaceutical product simply disappeared from the markets.

Schering launched Methenolone under a different brand – Primobolan® Depot. Soon it became the most recognizable. And until the 70s, this drug was widely available in European countries (Greece, Portugal, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland). While the patent was in the hands of Schering, he actively defended his intellectual property from all sorts of threats. But this substance was not supplied to the American market.

But, despite the fact that for ten years the drug was not sold on the US market, nevertheless, its status was resumed to the technical level after all the approvals from the FDA. It was these circumstances that allowed American doctors to import anabolic for patients.

Methenolone Enanthate One private pharmaceutical company came up with the idea of ​​restarting the production of generics. At the moment, it can be purchased strictly by prescription of a specialist (at the same time, he must have the necessary certification).

Primobolan is often considered anabolic steroids that increase lean muscle mass. In addition, its help is often resorted to in cases where muscle mass was lost after surgery. Some doctors prescribe this remedy for patients with diagnoses such as sarcopenia (natural age-related muscle mass loss), chronic hepatitis, and breast cancer (for the most part, as an adjunct).

According to the results of studies, scientists have come to the conclusion that this anabolic is characterized by the highest efficiency. But all sorts of signs of toxicity along with undesirable reactions are simply absent.

In addition, Methenolone Enanthate is widely used by athletes as a combination of the strongest anabolic, non-estrogen, as well as a weak androgen. This allows to increase lean muscle mass without the manifestation of various kinds of negative reactions.

So, despite the fact that this pharmaceutical product is characterized by high clinical efficacy, Schering still decided to remove the substance from almost all points of sale.

These days there is only one certified source of the tablet version of Primobolan, which can currently be found in South Africa and Japan. Schering is the only manufacturer of Methenolone worldwide. And this is due precisely to those times when the company, making every effort, stood to protect its rights to this anabolic steroid for a long time.

What processes is Primobolan aimed at?

Well, now you can go to the functional characteristics of the hormone. And here is the backfill question: “What processes is Primobolan aimed at?” This substance activates the process of protein synthesis, increases the number of red blood cells produced, and also inhibits the activity of glucocorticoid hormones. And these are very valuable qualities.

It is also worth noting that the anabolic effect of this hormone is about 88%. And the androgenic effect, which is understood as virilization and masculinization, is 44% of testosterone. It is this fact that makes Methenolone Enanthate the preferred drug for females. In addition, this anabolic does not cause the aromatization process. Therefore, there is no need in using aromatase inhibitors. And the probability of an increase in the mammary glands is simply nullified.

But there is something special about anabolic: it can retain nitrogen in muscle tissue, as well as actively affect androgen receptors. And this is very important, since 16% of muscle tissue is just this substance. But if the body experiences a nitrogen deficiency, this will contribute to catabolism. As a result – the loss of a significant amount of muscle relief.

Equally important is the relationship with androgen receptors. Many anabolic drugs have the peculiarity of having a direct effect on the level of metabolism. However, if this effect is carried out through androgen receptors, the process of burning body fat will be much more active. Well, if you also add to this quality the ability of Methenolone Enanthate to retain nitrogen in muscle tissue, the result is an anabolic that is perfectly suited for the final stage of the cycle. In addition, this substance has a beneficial effect on the immune system. Also, anabolic will render overwhelming help if muscle loss occurs.

And now in more detail, regarding the immune system. After all, the ability to activate immunity makes Primobolan simply ideal for consumers. After all, if the athlete’s immune system is much stronger, then all the goals that he sets for himself will be much easier to achieve. And this is very important at the final stage of the cycle. Indeed, at this moment the body is weakened to a great extent by a grueling physical training process. Particularly relevant is the use of anabolic steroids for bodybuilders during the last months before going on stage.

How to correctly use Methenolone Enanthate to get awesome muscles

Of course, it’s scary for beginners at the start to use powerful anabolics. And this is understandable. Therefore, the injection format for them is exactly what you need.

As for the “solo” cycles, even in spite of the softness of the steroid, it will show excellent results during cutting. Simply put, if you need to lose excess fat mass, as well as strengthen your venous state, while preserving muscle fibers, then Primobolan is very useful.

But how to correctly use Methenolone Enanthate to get cool muscle detail? The average dosage of the oral version is about 40-50 mg per day. And the average dosage of the injection version is about 400 mg once a week.

If the injection format is used, then PCT should be started three weeks after the last ingestion of the drug into the body. If we are talking about a tablet format, then PCT should begin after two to three days after the completion of the cycle.

As already mentioned, the pharmaceutical product can be used by females, since it has a very low androgenic effect. However, in order to already precisely exclude masculinization, a sufficiently low dosage should be adhered to in comparison with representatives of the stronger sex. And all because even in spite of the rare cases of such symptoms, nevertheless, side effects can occur. It is also undesirable for girls to use Primobolan in conjunction with other steroids, as this can only contribute to the strengthening of the androgenic effect of the cycle. As for the duration of the cycle, for the oral version it is 8 weeks, and for the injection version it is 12 weeks.

Well, of course, before embarking on a steroid cycle, you need to consult an expert, as well as take tests for hormones. And this is a mandatory measure, so as not to encounter side effects, as well as to exclude all kinds of contraindications.

Where and how to do Primobolan injection

And here it is worth focusing on one important fact. The fact is that the oral form should be taken almost daily. This is due to the fact that the substance is rapidly excreted, and the level should always be stable. As a result, the financial costs of the hormone increase.

But injectable Primobolan circulates in the blood for a week. Consequently, your financial expenses are reduced. So, if your choice fell on ampoules, then you should know where and how to inject Primobolan, especially if this is your first experience?

First of all, the safety of the injection is important so that you don’t have bad consequences. In general, according to the rules, the syringe should be 5 cubes in volume. The diameter and length of the needle will make it possible to introduce the substance to the desired depth. In addition, it will be easier for you to enter the oily base Methenolone Enanthate.

But still, a significant majority prefer two-cube syringes. The needle in it is many times shorter, so the injection will be almost invisible. As for the depth of introduction, then – the entire length. If we are talking about five vat syringes, then everything is similar. Steroid injections are performed as deep as possible. Before making an injection, the ampoule with the anabolic should be warmed in the hand until it reaches the temperature of the human body.

Now we should decide where to make the injection. It is necessary to inject the drug into the muscle. Of course, it is preferable that it be the gluteus muscle. After all, this is the safest variation, which does not allow in any way to hurt the nerve endings. In practice, it looks like this: divide the buttock into 4 squares, and enter the injection into the upper lateral square.

There are athletes who inject anabolics in the hips and shoulders. However, if there is still no experience with the introduction of such injections, the best thing in this case is not to put yourself at risk and stay on the gluteal muscle. It will be more correct and safer.

What are the dosages of Methenolone Enanthate for lean muscles and cutting processes

If we are talking about therapeutic purposes, in this case, the dosage should be 100-200 mg of Primobolan per week. The initial stage of therapy is 200 mg. Then, in stages, the dosage is reduced to 100 mg.

But what are the dosages of Methenolone Enanthate for sports purposes – for building muscles, drawing and cutting? In this case, even a dosage of 300 mg will not bring significant results. But the dosage starting with 200 mg will serve as a good protection for the bodybuilder from the occurrence of a catabolic reaction at the final stage of the cycle. Also, beginners start with such a dosage in order to build up lean muscle mass, and everyone is happy with the results.

But as for the performing athletes, as well as amateur bodybuilders, they use a dosage of 200 to 600 mg per week. But here everything will depend on the individual condition and the set goal.

Due to the very moderate nature of the anabolic, most athletes use it at a dose of 400-500 mg per week to achieve peak performance. And even a dosage of 600 mg is easily tolerated by athletes. But when applying such ranges, you must carefully monitor your health. However, do not forget that when this threshold is exceeded, a significant activation of the androgenic nature of the anabolic is possible.

As for bodybuilding, there Primobolan is used precisely in the pre-competition stage. Weekly intake is 400 to 1000 mg. Of course, it does not go as the main pharmaceutical product for gaining muscle mass. There, Deka Durabolin is also included in the cycle.

In addition, this anabolic does not contribute to the production of endogenous testosterone in dosages from 200 to 300 mg. Because of this, this anabolic steroid is recommended at the end of the cycle or between the “bridges” to maintain shape.

But females use this anabolic (often an oral form) in the phase of diets and cutting.

As a result, the standard dosage for a week:

  • For males – from 400 to 1000 mg.
  • For females from 200 to 400 mg (often dosing even 100 mg per week is enough for a good increase in muscle mass and strength indicators).

It should be remembered that the action of Methenolone Enanthate in the body takes about six to seven days. Hence the conclusion – do not have injections more than twice a week.

How to use Primobolan for bodybuilding: in solo or in combinations?

So, here is the question that worries many athletes: “Is Primobolan recognized as the coolest bodybuilding hit better in solo or combinations?” The best option is all kinds of bundles with “mass-gathering” drugs. With the help of such combinations, the muscle mass will be better, and the strength will increase. Recall, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He used Primobolan in combination with methandrostenolone.

If it comes to mass gain, then Methenolone Enanthate is used in combination with powerful agents.They are:

  • Oxymetholone.
  • Methandienone.
  • Nandrolone.
  • Testosterone.

As a result – pure muscles, good relief and rigidity.

In these cycles, the goal of Primobolan is not so much in muscle growth, but in its quality. That is, you gain less fat and your muscles become deep and tight.

If cutting is necessary, then a great option is Primobolan + Winstrol.

If we are talking about fat loss and competitive training, then you can use a combination of Methenolone Enanthate with Oxandrolone, Boldenone, Trenbolone or Stanazolol. You can also connect Testosterone Propionate.

If you are an experienced athlete, performing for the first time at bodybuilding competitions, then by the end of the cycle the dosage should be increased. This is done in order to minimize weight loss.

And here are some interesting schemes, both for experienced “chemists” and for beginners in this matter:

  • Cycle #1 lasting 8 weeks: Primobolan (350 to 400 mg per week) + Oxandrolone (45 mg daily). This cycle is suitable for athletes who are very careful about their health and want to avoid negative reactions. For the cycle, about four kilograms of muscle are gained. And all sorts of undesirable consequences are absent.
  • Cycle #2 lasting from 6 to 8 weeks: Primobolan (450 to 650 mg per week) + Methandrostenolone (35 to 40 mg daily). This is also an interesting version of the cycle, designed for athletes with little experience in using “pharma.” And also for those who do not want to take more serious anabolics. As a result, the mass and strength will increase, and undesirable reactions will be minimized.
  • Cycle #3 lasting 8 weeks: Primobolan (350 to 400 mg per week) + Testosterone propionate (95 mg every other day) + Trenbolone acetate (350 to 400 mg per week). This cycle is suitable just for experienced “chemists”. The result is impressive – muscle mass will grow rapidly, and water retention in the body is minimized.

Well, now, as for the athletes, both the “solo” cycle and the ligaments are suitable. A good combination is Primobolan (100 mg per week) + Oxandrolone (30 mg per week). The cycle lasts 8 weeks. But the last week, you only need to take one Oxandrolone.

So, Methenolone Enanthate is good in the “solo” cycle. But to achieve a greater effect, the best thing is combinations with other steroids. And the lion’s share of bodybuilders believe that Primobolan is ideal in conbination with other anabolics.

What makes Primobolan a perfect steroid for women athletes

For some reason, there is an opinion that steroids are the prerogative of male athletes. In fact, this is completely wrong. Nowadays, the vast majority of athletes who are professionally engaged in body fitness, bodybuilding and other sports disciplines use pharmaceuticals to carry out cutting, get beautiful muscle definition and gain muscle.  In this case, Methenolone Enanthate is simply the perfect anabolic for women athletes. It is widely used by ladies engaged in disciplines such as cycling, athletics and swimming. And since this anabolic has a low androgenic index, this is an excellent choice in women’s sports.

It’s no secret that women are most sensitive to hormonal influences. So this substance allows them to achieve the desired anabolic effect. In fact, this hormone is the best option that athletes can use during the off-season. Often during the steroid cycle, the women gain up to 30 pounds of extra weight.

If you are interested in the dosage features for athletes, then it is worth saying that even the Schering company itself was not able to determine it officially. In most cases, women stop at 50 to 100 mg weekly. The most important thing during the cycle is to observe the possible occurrence of signs of virilization. But it is worth saying that such a reaction also depends on a genetic predisposition and on individual sensitivity. Regardless of dosage, the duration of the cycle for woman should not exceed four to six weeks.

And one more important point, which should definitely be mentioned. The lion’s share of female athletes with unanimous experience suggests that a tablet of Primobolan is a more preferable variation. And all because it is much easier to control its effects on the body. Although the oral version is not as effective as the injectable version for ladies, it is safer.

Primobolan – a fantastic option for the retention of acquired muscle definition

The most optimal period for using this anabolic steroid is the final stage of the cycle. Moreover, this can be applied to both men and women. So Primobolan is a fantastic option for retaining acquired muscle relief. The vast majority of athletes claim that at the final stage of the cycle, the relief becomes cut, and a clear venous tracing stands out against this background.

And here are the effects of this super-anabolic:

  • Conversion to estrogen is almost completely absent. Due to this factor, this steroid is a priority for those athletes who have an increased concern for the manifestation of such a reaction as gynecomastia.
  • Fat burning occurs moderately. In addition, the steroid has the ability to effectively preserve muscle during a tough diet due to a significant nitrogen retention in the body. If a low-calorie diet is followed, the athlete will be able not only to maintain current muscle mass, but also to build muscle fibers a little. Thanks to these qualities, this hormone is great for cutting. In addition, Methenolone Enanthate has a positive effect on muscle quality – they become more pronounced.
  • Strength indicators increase while weight gain is negligible. Because of this, this anabolic will appeal to those athletes for whom it is very important to maintain the weight category, which is simultaneously associated with success in sports.
  • Weak rollback phenomenon.
  • This drug does not increase cholesterol and blood pressure.

Primobolan will help to achieve impressive results. And this applies not only to experienced athletes, but also to beginners in bodybuilding and women. It is also worth mentioning that the active components of this pharmaceutical product do not have a toxic effect on the liver.

Are there any “side effects” of the mild Methenolone Enanthate

So, as it has already been found out, this anabolic is very mild. This leads to a completely logical question: “Do the side effects of the mild Methenolone Enanthate take place?” And here it is worth saying that this substance does not have any serious undesirable reactions. Yes, and in principle, all these phenomena are easily controlled.

Possible side effects:

  • Androgenic. As a rule, we are talking about acne, excessive growth of body hair, as well as their loss. For women, possible virilization. But often the occurrence of such reactions is coupled with the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body.
  • Hormonal. This anabolic inhibits the production of testosterone to the least extent than other pharmaceuticals.

But the steroid does not give in to aromatization, does not hold water, and gynecomastia is impossible. So this is just the perfect anabolic.

Forget about Primobolan’s side effects as a nightmare with this arsenal

As has already been mentioned, there are very few side effects in this anabolic. And in general, you can forget about them as a nightmare with this arsenal:

  • 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The most common drug in controlling an undesirable androgenic reaction is Finasteride.
  • Parallel administration of exogenous testosterone in any format will help to cope with hormonal problems.

But in general, the drug is harmless and side effects are extremely rare.

Summary for beautiful muscles lovers

Primobolan is a completely harmless anabolic, ideal for muscle gain, and, of course, for cutting. It can be used by females, however, in lower dosages compared to men, in order to prevent occurrence of side effects.

This anabolic is well combined with Oxandrolone (the effect is impressive). In addition, Methenolone Enanthate in an excellent way increases power indicators, burns fat, and muscle mass with the use of this substance can gain up to 5 kg. Well, as for the increase in strength indicators and endurance, this steroid simply has no peers.

So precisely because of the above, Methenolone Enanthate is a real favorite for the vast majority of bodybuilders.

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