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Our blog is constantly getting requests and questions from our visitors and we need pro athletes to help us with the answers. Plus we have some more content requests like reading other bodybuilders sites and blog, forum and help us with ideas about fresh topics to post on our source. […]

Best Leg Press Alternatives To Do At Home

Jason Williams

The Leg Press is an effective, versatile and safe exercise. By varying the position of the feet on the platform, the load can be shifted to different muscle groups of the legs. At the same time, there is no axial load on the spine, the lower back and knees are […]

How To Burn Fat Fast

Jason Williams

It is important to understand the very process of how to burn fat fast in the body in order to get the body in shape and maintain it. This is not magic or rocket science. This is where the simple logic of our body works. 1. Basics Of Burning Fat […]

Standing Bicep Cable Curls: Low and High Pulleys

Jason Williams

Standing Bicep Cable Curls are considered a basic and safer alternative to lifting a barbell. This exercise is great for both beginners and professional athletes. It allows you to provide a powerful load and stretch on the short head of the biceps, visually expanding the volume of the arm. What […]

The 6 Best Teres Major Exercises at Home

Jason Williams

The Teres major muscle is a muscle of the upper back located on the shoulder blade. It is used for all types of push-ups and pull-ups. It is very important for men to have well-inflated back muscles for strength and external beauty. If you want your back to be wide […]

10 Circuit Workouts You Need To Try

Jason Williams

This circuit training guide will allow you to do the perfect workout effortlessly. Choose any of the presented circuit workouts to improve your results in a short amount of time. What are the main features of circuit training? These are called circuit workouts because you follow a strict sequence of exercises. And then […]

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