How To Burn Fat Fast

Jason Williams
how to burn fat fast

It is important to understand the very process of how to burn fat fast in the body in order to get the body in shape and maintain it. This is not magic or rocket science. This is where the simple logic of our body works.

Table of Contents

1. Basics Of Burning Fat

A fully formed human body has a certain amount of fat cells, which is due to the diet during childhood and adolescence. This amount of fat cells goes to a person for the rest of their life. The body uses them as pockets to store compressed energy (fat). They will not use these cells if they have other sources of energy. For example, a recent lunch.

Fat stored in cells is there until we have a need for energy. For example, in case of hunger or inability to hunt and search for food. This amazing self-preservation mechanism was formed at that stage of evolution when food had to be constantly obtained. Now there is no such problem. We go hunting to the nearest supermarket, the shelves of which are packed with food. But our body has not changed since then, so it stores every unused piece for the future. As a result, we need to diet and exercise to keep our fat reserves in moderation.

2. The Myth Of The Fat Burning

The process of fat burning is now and then overgrown with unfounded myths, despite the fact that the secret of weight loss is extremely simple. It’s time to dispel the most common ones.

Myth 1: Fat burning begins only after 30 minutes of training

Fat burning occurs in our body all the time. The body uses reserves to maintain a certain level of physical activity. The basic principle of weight loss is based on the fact that you need to spend more calories than you consume. Even if your workouts last only 15 minutes a day, but at the same time you preferred a light and low-calorie dinner, the result will not be long in coming. Diet affects the fat burning process much more than the number of workouts. If you exercise intensely, but at the same time start to eat significantly more, then this approach is unlikely to help you lose weight.

Myth 2: Strength training turns fat into muscle

The truth is that muscles are created during strength training. But fat doesn’t turn into muscle. It splits due to the negative energy balance. Therefore, it is best to combine strength training and endurance training. This is the only way for the body to extract the maximum energy from body fat. The more muscle mass the more energy is required for the body. Accordingly, more fat is burned.

Myth 3: Fat is burned more actively in the morning

It is logical that if the stomach is empty in the morning and you have not yet had time to eat breakfast, then the body will take energy for physical activity exclusively from reserves. Morning workouts really make sense. Glycogen stores melt well, and the body begins to use fat faster during the day. However, the long-term perspective should be taken into account here. To burn 2 lbs of fat, you need to create a 7000-calorie deficit. Therefore, if you plan to reward yourself with junk-food after a workout, then this approach will not be of any use.

3. The Best Way To Measure Body Fat

Are you looking for ways to burn fat fast? You will need to measure body fat anyway. The United States Navy (USN) has adopted a method that requires only a few measurements and gives accurate results. Consider the sequence of actions:

  1. Measure your height without shoes.
  2. Measure your waist horizontally. For men: the measuring tape should be wrapped around the belly. For women: in the least wide area of the abdomen. Do not suck in your stomach while doing this.
  3. Measure the circumference of your neck. Start at the throat and lower the tape measure slightly from the front. Don’t swell your neck.
  4. Only for women: measure your hips at the widest point horizontally.
  5. Substitute your measurements in one of the formulas below. Round your answer to the nearest percentage.


  • for men: BFP% = 86.010 × log10 (abdomen-neck) – 70.041 × log10 (height) + 36.76
  • for women: BFP% = 163.205 × log10 (waist+hip-neck) – 97.684 × log10 (height) – 78.387

It’s worth noting that there is a much better way to measure body fat. However, not everyone will be able to use it. Hydrostatic weighing is currently considered the best method for measuring body density. It is expensive and rarely covered by health insurance. If you cannot afford this type of weighing, then use the U.S. Navy Method.

4. Effective Tips To Burn Fat Fast

There is a lot of false information in weight loss questions. People are often given crazy advice that has no basis at all. However, over the years, scientists have managed to find several effective techniques. The following are 9 tips to burn fat fast that are based on hard facts.

4.1 Eat Plenty Of Soluble Fiber

Dietary fiber is a plant fiber that makes up the leaves and stems of greens, the peel of vegetables and fruits, the shell of grains and seeds. They are not digested in the stomach, but they play a very important role in maintaining health.

Useful functions:

  • Helps cleanse the intestines and relieve constipation.
  • Serves as a breeding ground for microflora.
  • Helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Dietary fiber is divided into two types:

  • Insoluble. They do not change when passing through the gastrointestinal tract, they only absorb water, while increasing in volume several times. These include cellulose, lignin and lignans;
  • Soluble. They interact with water and form a gel-like substance. These include inulin, pectin and gums.

To burn belly fat fast, both types of fiber are used, because their actions complement each other. Insoluble fiber fills the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness, allowing you to reduce portions of food. Soluble substances make it difficult for the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, which leads to a decrease in the number of calories absorbed.

4.2 Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

Any alcoholic beverage contains ethyl alcohol. In 100 g of ethyl alcohol there are 710 kcal. Therefore, the stronger the alcoholic beverage, the more calories it contains. At the same time, one should not think that light cocktails with a small amount of alcohol do not pose a threat of extra pounds. “Light” alcoholic drinks often contain a large portion of sugar, and some cocktails and liqueurs also contain fats.

Despite the fact that there are over 700 kcal in 100 g of ethyl alcohol, it has absolutely no nutritional value. Ethyl alcohol contains 0 proteins, 0 fats and 0 carbohydrates. That is, in fact, the calories in alcohol are “empty”.

Moreover, alcohol stimulates appetite. Drinking alcoholic beverages most often takes place at a large table, where, under the influence of alcohol, one wants to taste everything. And with each glass you drink, it becomes more difficult to limit yourself. At the same time, plentiful, fatty, protein-rich food puts additional stress on the liver, which is busy with the multi-stage process of breaking down alcohol. Eating abundant food decreases the liver’s ability to process alcohol and the food itself will be less absorbed, which can lead to intestinal problems.

It should also be borne in mind that the presence of food in the stomach and intestines does not diminish the effect of alcohol, but only postpones it. Fats dissolving in alcohol slow down the absorption of alcohol. In this connection, it becomes possible to drink more than a person is able to assimilate.

The composition of alcoholic beverages contains a number of beneficial substances for the body. For example, light beer and wine contain vitamins of group B, PP, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. However, if there are benefits and harms at the same time, then the decision should be made based on the potential risks.

4.3 Don’t Eat A Lot Of Sugary Foods

Sugar and other popular sweets are classified as simple carbohydrates.

Once in the digestive tract, they begin to be absorbed into the bloodstream, instantly and dramatically increasing sugar levels. When we eat a chocolate bar, we very quickly begin to feel full and energized. But soon hunger comes again. Blood sugar levels also drop sharply. Therefore, simple carbohydrates are also called fast.

That’s why we love sweet goodies. We ate sweets and cheered up, and then worked fruitfully and again got tired and hungry. Eat candy again and get a new boost of energy. The body quickly gets used to simple carbohydrates and prefers them. This is how a love for sweets develops, which often leads to overweight and even obesity.

Almost all desserts and sweet pastries are made on the basis of white sugar, which does not have any benefits for the body.

4.4 Avoid Foods That Contain Trans Fats

Cheapness, attractive appearance, increased shelf life are the main reasons for the widespread use of trans fats in the food industry. Alas, these substances, getting into the body, cause irreparable harm to health.

The massive use of trans fats is linked to the invention of margarine. This animal oil substitute is produced by a hydrogenation process, when liquid vegetable oils become solid when treated with hydrogen. In this case, the structure of the molecules of the substance changes.

The chemical elements contained in trans fats, when they enter the human body, replace the molecules of the “correct” lipids. The cells stop performing their functions. As a result, the hormonal and enzyme systems of the body are damaged. It accumulates toxins and increases the risk of developing many diseases. For example, eating processed meats using trans fats increases the risk of many serious diseases, including colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) links 34,000 cancer deaths per year to increased consumption of sausages, wieners, ham and canned meats. Most fast food dishes, mayonnaise, and various sauces are also high in unhealthy fats.

4.5 Eat A High Protein Diet

A protein diet is great for burning fat fast with active workouts. According to nutritionists, such a diet is quite varied and healthier than a monotrophic diet.

Weight loss is due to the removal of excess fat and not muscle mass, which avoids depletion. The principle of operation is as follows: when using protein as the main food and minimizing the amount of carbohydrates, the body has to draw energy from fat deposits, since protein serves only as a building material and is not energy-intensive enough.

At the first stage, excess fluid leaves the body, therefore, a protein diet is also called “drying”. Then, being under stress, the body begins to burn muscle tissue and tries to store even more fat in order to avoid hunger days. It is at this stage that a large amount of protein does not allow the muscles to leave, replenishing the loss. If it is impossible to put the excess in reserves, the body begins to burn body fat.

Proteins take a long time to digest, so there is no feeling of hunger. This reduces the likelihood of “breakdowns”, as there will be no constant hunger.

4.6 Reduce Your Stress Levels

Melanie Grinberg (psychologist) in her article on the dependence of stress and overeating, claims that stressful situations trigger the release of several hormones: adrenaline, corticoliberin and cortisol. This is how the brain and body prepare to fight.

In the short term, adrenaline reduces hunger. Blood is redirected from the viscera to the broad muscles: the body prepares to fight or flee. You’ve probably experienced this during times of intense stress. For example, before an exam, when you couldn’t even think about food.

However, this does not last long. When the effect of adrenaline disappears, then the main role is given to cortisol (stress hormone).

Elissa Epel (psychologist) from the University of California in San Francisco argues that raising cortisol levels in response to prolonged stress increases our appetite and makes us choose fatty foods.

Under the influence of cortisol, the body begins to accumulate visceral fat surrounding the internal organs.

Stress increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and, as a result, obesity and cardiovascular problems.

4.7 Avoid Sugar-sweetened Beverages

Before you decide to take a sip of such a desirable, but harmful drink, you just need to think about what kind of effort it is worth. Are you ready to cancel out all your efforts?

Sugar-sweetened beverages harm:

  • The product contains phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide. This mixture is capable of destroying tooth enamel.
  • The content of sugar, various flavors, preservatives and other chemicals negatively affects the human body. It causes the formation of toxins, which in turn disrupt a healthy metabolism, and the entire process of burning fat.
  • Drinking sugary carbonated drinks can trigger diabetes and problems with insulin production.
  • The human liver is unable to process the huge amount of sugar contained in these drinks. All this is converted into fat and deposited in a thick layer on the thighs and abdomen.

Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks and labels like “0 calories” or “dietary”.

4.8 Get Plenty Of Restful Sleep

Recently, there has been a lot of research on the connection between poor sleep patterns and fat gain. Restricting sleep during a diet seems to inhibit the release of the peptide hormones ghrelin (responsible for hunger) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (responsible for satiety). People who don’t sleep much tend to have high levels of ghrelin in the morning and low levels of glucagon-like peptide-1 throughout the day. Therefore, maintaining a normal sleep pattern (8-10 hours) will help to better tolerate the diet and the corresponding restrictions on food.

4.9 Eat 6 Smaller Meals Per Day, Not 2-3 Feasts

Breakfast at 7-8 am, lunch at 13-14 hours and dinner at 19-20 hours. Such a diet has been familiar to us since childhood, but it is not a biological necessity, as one might think, looking at its wide distribution.

Many nutritionists claim that more frequent meals can help you control your weight better than the usual three meals a day.

Positive aspects of 6 meals a day:

  • With such frequent meals, performance increases. Your body is constantly energized. The result of this: vigor, activity and high efficiency.
  • With 6 meals a day, you do not suffer from bouts of hunger. This regular, short-term food intake throughout the day helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. As a result, there is no feeling of hunger. This principle helps you lose weight if you eat apples as a snack. So you can develop indifference to sweets in your body.
  • The metabolism improves. This happens because the digestive organs are constantly working. As a result, much more calories are burned.

6 meals a day can be safely recommended to people who have an active lifestyle. This plan can be used by people who want to burn fat fast. But at the same time, you should engage in fitness.

5. Best Exercises To Burn Belly Fat In 2021 By Trainers

The need for exercise and fitness arises from the fact that our lifestyle has changed dramatically. We began to move less. Now everything is optimized so that energy consumption is minimized. We have cars, elevators, escalators and even food can be delivered to our homes. Much has changed since the days of hunting and gathering, when people were forced to walk miles in search of food and fight for prey. But we inherited the features of our body from our ancestors.

We are gaining extra weight and the mechanism developed to protect us is now having a detrimental effect. Because evolution is not keeping pace with technological progress.

5.1 Burpees

The Burpee is a functional exercise that combines the elements of squats, plank, push-ups and jumping. When performing this exercise, the abdominal, legs, chest and upper back are loaded. Burpees also develop endurance, strength and coordination.

An improvement in the ability to synchronize movements is also a plus. Burpee strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases the supply of oxygen to the organs, and also improves muscle tone and the ability to maintain correct posture.

Burpees execution scheme:

  • For beginners: 2-4 sets of 1-2 minutes. Rest between sets for at least 1 minute.
  • Average level: 3-5 sets of 2 minutes. Rest no more than 1 minute.
  • High level: 5-6 sets of 3 minutes. Rest no more than 1 minute.
  • Advanced level: 6 sets of 3 minutes. Rest between sets is no more than 30 seconds.

The Burpee is an effective strength training exercise with body weight and does not require equipment for workouts.

5.2 Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is a whole sequence of movements that must be performed in order to get up from a prone position with a kettlebell in an outstretched hand and then return to it. Even doing it without weight is not an easy task. In different phases of the exercise, the muscles of the core, shoulders, legs, arms are included in the work. In other words, the main advantage of lifts is that they load the entire muscle, forcing different muscle groups to work in harmony and coordination.

In addition, the inclusion of the Turkish Get-Up in a workout plan will give the following advantages:

  • It will make the tendons more elastic and the joints mobile. The Turkish Get-Up will strengthen the shoulder joints and arm muscles. And this will greatly help for other strength exercises.
  • It teaches you how to keep balance and perform movements in concert.
  • This exercise will burn a lot of energy, which is important when trying to lose weight.

It is also worth noting that in case of shoulder injuries, it is better to refrain from the Turkish Get-Up. Either do the exercise without weights or use less weight.

5.3 Medicine Ball Burpees

There is a burpee with a medicine ball option. It is equally effective and contributes to the load of a large number of muscles.

How To Do Medicine Ball Burpees?

  • Place the medicine ball 20 inches away from you. Place your hands on the ball and jump into a plank position. Then suddenly move your legs to a wide stance, take the ball and squeeze it forward from your chest.
  • Move the medicine ball back to your chest in reverse. Then place it on the floor and take the position again as you would for a plank. This will be one repetition. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Throughout the exercise, you should not let go of the ball from your hands.

5.4 Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers is an alternating knee pull-up to the chest in a lying position. It has many variations and is great for both strength training with your body weight and for intense cardio sessions.

Mountain Climbers are a truly versatile movement that provides many benefits:

  • Load on several muscle groups at once. Mountain Climbers load not only the rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen, but also train the shoulder girdle well. And pulling the knees up to the chest puts stress on the muscles in the hips.
  • Large calorie burn. Since this exercise involves many muscle groups and is performed at a fast pace, you will not only train abs, but also burn much more calories than during ab curls and planks.
  • No equipment is required. You may only need a yoga mat, but you can do without it.
  • This exercise is suitable for all fitness levels. You can make movement easier by using high support for the hands. You can also complicate it by adding other movements.

You can do Mountain Climbers with every workout, but it is better to alternate them with other abs exercises in order to pump all the muscles well.

5.5 Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine Ball Slams are a powerful whole-body force and explosive exercise. As a rule, it is used as part of complexes to increase the overall intensity of the workout, as well as additional stress on the legs, extensors of the spine and muscles of the shoulder girdle. The exercise is also simplified by the fact that it does not require any additional equipment, except for a medicine ball and a flat floor.

This exercise is performed with light weight, so there is practically no risk of injury. But nevertheless, do not neglect the warm-up. Approach the Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams when you are already warmed up.

5.6 Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams contribute to the development of explosive strength in almost all large muscle groups in our body, as well as develop a sense of balance and coordination well. In addition, we get a decent aerobic load and exercise the main muscle of our body (heart).

The main trump card of this exercise is to increase the rhythm of the workout and increase the intensity.

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams target the quads, glutes, spine extensors, and deltoids. However, the stress of this exercise isn’t enough to build muscle in these groups. But with the help of them you can “overclock” your workout well and make your cardiovascular system work properly, as well as burn extra calories or just diversify your training process a little.

5.7 Sprawls

Sprawls are an alternative exercise for Burpees. The difference is that there is no push-up or jump at the end. Since this exercise makes the task easier, you will be able to move faster and raise your heart rate. As a bonus, Sprawls will do a great job of tightening your abs.

How To Do Sprawls:

  • Stand up straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Sit down with your hands on the floor.
  • While straining your abs, jump back to the plank position.
  • Keep your arms straight and jump back to the position that was before the plank.
  • Lift up and return to the starting position.

Try doing 20 reps as a warm-up before cardio or strength training.

5.8 Running On An Incline

Running or walking with a change in incline requires coordinated work of the whole body. The biomechanics of upward movement is quite complex, as it requires strength and coordination. This involves many muscles. The load on the back and front surfaces of the thighs and calves is especially increased. Therefore, work on the beauty of the legs and buttocks can begin precisely with changing the angle of inclination on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Of course, everything should be in moderation. Walking and especially running uphill is an energy-consuming activity. Therefore, calculate your strength correctly. It is best to start with a slight incline and short runs. Then gradually add the load. In this case, you will notice how the shoulder girdle begins to be involved. After all, lifting always requires active work with your hands, as well as abdominal muscles. Are you tired? Work backwards. Take a downward run with a negative incline.

5.9 Rowing Machine

Regular trainings with a Rowing Machine not only actively involve practically the entire body musculature, but also improve the tone of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body. In fact, no other machine is capable of showing an effect comparable in its result. Especially in the segment of inexpensive home exercise equipment.

Primarily, the Rowing Machine develops the upper half of the body: shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles, back muscles and arms. However, the muscles of the front and back of the thighs and gluteal muscles are also actively involved, and part of the load falls on the abs and muscles of the torso (especially with the correct breathing technique during training).

It is not so difficult to create a training program with a Rowing Machine. However, it is best to combine this machine with other activities. First, do this exercise with your normal grip (palms facing down) for 10 minutes. In the next workout, alternate between 5-7 minutes of a normal grip and 5-7 minutes of a reverse grip (palms facing up). Take a short break when changing your grip.

5.10 Strength Training

Your goal is to burn fat fast without losing muscle mass. You also don’t want to lose strength and endurance, and your athletic performance should not be affected. How to act in this situation? Strength training can help you when combined with proper nutrition.

Before you start actively engaging in strength training, you need to figure out if they are needed? So here are 3 reasons why strength training is important.

  1. High calorie consumption. With heavy physical exertion, the reason for overly tight control of nutrition will disappear and the weight will begin to go away faster. It’s simple: the more we spend, the faster we lose weight.
  • Strength training improves your metabolism. Interestingly, after training, your metabolic rate remains elevated for several hours.
  • Exercise will restore muscle mass. Of course, you will lose weight by losing 10 lb of your overall weight. But of this weight, half will be muscle mass, which is not very good.

5.11 Yoga

Yoga works not only on the physical but also on the mental level. And these two areas are very closely related and dependent on each other. By changing the physical state, we can comprehend a lot in our consciousness, and vice versa.

How does yoga work for fat burning and weight loss?

  1. Acceleration of metabolism. Since yoga is one of the few practices that has a beneficial effect on all systems of our body at once (including hormonal, which is most often responsible for overweight in women), establishing their well-coordinated and correct work.
  2. The hormonal background is normalized. After all, yoga regulates the work of all the glands of the body, which are responsible for the production of the right hormones. While doing yoga, your body begins to produce more hormones that burn fat, and moreover, your appetite gradually returns to normal.
  3. Digestion improves, which means that our body effectively processes all food, actively absorbs what is useful and quickly gets rid of unnecessary toxins.
  4. A gentle detox occurs. Yoga helps to naturally cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and remove them so that they do not poison our body.
  5. Excessive appetite is reduced and correct eating habits come. The body stops craving junk food. Yoga guides you towards healthy and proper nutrition.
  6. Stress is reduced and emotional balance is restored. Yoga brings stability to our feelings and thoughts, and also helps to get rid of emotional fluctuations. Tell me, how often do we eat when stressed, trying to drown out internal issues with food? By doing yoga, we bring our mind to a state of calmness and happiness. Thoughts become peaceful and positive.
  7. An active and correct self-awareness comes. We begin to understand and manage our desires. It becomes obvious to us the division into things that are necessary for our body and those that are harmful. Many studies have shown that yoga and meditation can help us manage our moods and our emotions.

All in all, yoga helps the mind and body to work together and harmoniously, as nature intended. It will no longer be such that the body desperately asks for the tenth bun, and the brain tries to be distracted by something else. Yoga brings balance between mind and body and also enables them to work together in harmony for the benefit of our body!

6. The Best Drugs To Help You Burn Fat Fast

In most cases, drugs that burn fat fast are used to treat obese people. However, they are also used by those who want to improve their body shape and lose a few pounds. To avoid negative consequences, it is important to study what drugs for burning fat are and how they affect the body.

If you do not know which medicine to choose, then the information below will help you in this matter. In any case, you should consult a doctor.

6.1 DNP

Dinitrophenol (DNP) is a substance that is often used for weight loss. It is highly efficient. The drug destroys the process of oxidative phosphorylation by transferring protons across the mitochondrial membrane. Due to this, a process of rapid energy consumption occurs without the formation of ATP molecules. Until 1938, this drug was marketed as a fast fat burning agent, but later it was banned due to the development of side effects.

6.2 Ephedrine

Ephedrine is a stimulant drug. This sympathomimetic is used in bodybuilding to suppress appetite and burn fat. In medicine, it is used to treat bronchial asthma, hypotension and some other diseases.

Chemically, Ephedrine is an alkaloid found in various plants of the Ephedra genus (family Ephedraceae). The most common forms are Ephedrine Hydrochloride and Ephedrine Sulfate.

6.3 Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a medicinal drug used to treat bronchial asthma. In recent years, it has found widespread use in bodybuilding and fitness due to its ability to burn fat. Therefore, Clen is often used by athletes for weight loss and cutting cycles.

Clenbuterol is not related to anabolic steroids and belongs to the group of adrenergic agonists, which exert their physiological effect by stimulating beta-2 adrenergic receptors. As a result, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and lipolysis is triggered. A prescription is required to purchase the drug.

6.4 T4 Thyroxine

T4 Thyroxine is one of the main hormones produced by the thyroid gland. It activates the synthesis and breakdown of proteins, and also enhances the process of conversion of carbohydrates in cells. Thyroxine is designed to stimulate metabolism. This is why its synthetic counterpart L-Thyroxine has the ability to shed excess pounds. It normalizes metabolism and accelerates biological processes.

7. What Is DNP?

DNP is a cell-toxic substance that blocks oxidative phosphorylation (a metabolic pathway associated with energy production in certain cells) in cells by transporting protons across the mitochondrial membrane.

As a result, the cell uses up a lot of energy. However, it does not form adenosine triphosphate, which is necessary for metabolism. Instead, energy is released as heat. In this regard, fat burning is significantly increased and the body temperature rises.

dnp for burn fat fast

7.1 What To Know About DNP, The Burning Fat Drug

DNP is used industrially, for example as a precursor for the production of colorants, anti-rotting agents and explosives, and as a herbicide or insecticide. It is well absorbed from the digestive tract, as it penetrates through the skin and lungs. In industry, it led to intoxication and even death in cases where people were exposed to skin contact with it or inhaled it with air.

DNP was used in the US as a weight loss drug until 1938. Then its toxic effects were identified. As a result, its use was banned. Supervisory authorities periodically identified clinics in which DNP was used.

Fatalities have occurred as a result of the use of this substance. In particular, there have been deaths of bodybuilders trying to use DNP to burn fat quickly.

DNP is one of the rare doping substances in which the risk of sudden death is associated. Toxic effects caused by DNP use include severe nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, choking and breathing problems, sweating, severe fever, increased heart rate, chest pain associated with heart damage, headaches, anxiety, and seizures.

7.2 Is It Legal?

DNP ownership in the US is not illegal. However, its sale is prohibited. DNP has never been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Sellers of this substance can face heavy fines and jail time. In 2003, a salesperson was sentenced to 5 years in prison after his client died from using DNP.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has also banned the use of DNP for athletes participating in competitions.

7.3 Uses

Athletes use DNP at a dose of 2-5 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. The effect of the substance begins 2-3 days after the start of application. Most often, a dosage of 2-3 mg is quite effective. After starting the intake, a person has a natural reaction from the drug:

  • slight shortness of breath appears;
  • sweating increases;
  • blood pressure increases slightly.

The daily dosage should be divided into 2 parts: the first is taken in the morning, and the second in the evening. Take DNP on an empty stomach an hour before a meal or 3 hours after a meal. Wash down the product with a large amount of boiled water.

An effective fast fat burning scheme:

  • The drug is taken for 8 days.
  • Then there is a break for 8 days.
  • After that, take the substance again for 8 days.
  • In total, the cycle lasts 24 days.

After the end of the cycle, then after 2 weeks, you should take Ademetionine (Heptral).

The lethal dosage of DNP is considered to be 20-50 mg per 1 kg of body weight. That is more than tenfold excess. Recently, there have been several cases of fatal overdose by young people.

7.3.1 Biochemistry

In living cells, DNP acts as a proton ionophore that can transport protons (nuclei of hydrogen atoms) across biological membranes. It lowers the proton gradient across mitochondrial and chloroplast membranes, decreasing the proton-driving force that the cell could use to synthesize ATP. The energy of the proton gradient required for the synthesis of ATP is released in the form of heat.

DNP is often used in biochemical research to study bioenergetics, including the study of chemiosmotic and other membrane transport processes.

7.3.2 Mechanism Of Action

Oxidative phosphorylation (cellular respiration) is a universal mechanism for the generation of energy in the cell and the body. In this case, fats (and other nutrients) are oxidized or burned in the Krebs cycle in order to remove protons from the mitochondria. This creates an electrochemical gradient of protons and electrons. When a proton enters the mitochondria through ATP synthetase, 1 ATP molecule is formed, which goes to all the energy needs of the cell.

Once in the cell, the DNP molecule acts as a proton ionophore, which transfers protons to the mitochondria with heat emission, bypassing ATP synthetase, that is, without the formation of ATP. Thus, fats begin to oxidize in an increased amount in order to keep the formation of ATP at the required level, but most of the energy is lost to heat.

The body tries to compensate for this by increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the organs, which leads to increased heat production and increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and shortness of breath. Fat breaks down quickly to replenish energy costs.

7.4 How Quickly You Can Lose Weight With DNP

The reason DNP is in such demand among bodybuilders is because it boosts the metabolism like no other drug known. Even in small doses, about 3-5 mg per 1 kg of body weight, the drug accelerates metabolism by 30%. If this dose is applied daily, the metabolism is accelerated by 50%. In this mode, the body burns about 400 g of fat per day.

DNP cycle: 24 days [8 days (use) + 8 days (pause) + 8 days (use)].

Break between cycles: at least 1 month.

8. What Is Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is a plant-based alkaloid with a strong stimulating effect on the central nervous system. It is found in plants of the Ephedraceae family.

Ephedrine is one of the most controversial weight loss supplements around. The fat burners in which it is included really help to lose weight, but they have many side effects.

ephedrine for burn fat fast

8.1 What To Know About Ephedrine, The Burning Fat Drug

Ephedrine is a sympathomimetic. This means that its action is realized due to the release of catecholamines (norepinephrine) from nerve endings, which in turn interact with adrenergic receptors. Ephedrine generally acts by activating the sympathetic nervous system. Ephedrine itself does not interact with adrenergic receptors. Its effect on the central nervous system is limited because it does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier properly.

In 2004, the FDA listed Ephedrine fat burners on the banned drug list.

8.2 Uses & Effectiveness

Lying on the couch will not help you to lose weight. Such supplements are created specifically for active physical activity. But in order to prepare for fat burning workouts, you need to keep in mind the following:

The maximum permissible dose of Ephedrine is 90 mg per day. And also, it is taken in micro doses of 10-20 mg at a time.

These drugs are taken two or three times a day for several weeks in succession and are stopped as soon as the body temperature returns to normal. This indicates that the substance has ceased to function as a fat burner. Increasing the dosage won’t change anything. Instead, take a few weeks off for Ephedrine to start working effectively again.

Ephedrine effects:

  • Burning fat
  • Decreased appetite
  • Mental stimulation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Increased workout efficiency
  • Moderate diuretic effect

8.3 Side Effects

Side effects associated with taking Ephedrine:

  • Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, increased blood pressure.
  • Skin: hot flashes, sweating, acne.
  • Gastrointestinal tract: suppression of appetite, nausea.
  • Genitourinary system: difficulty urinating (very rare).
  • Central nervous system: anxiety, insomnia, euphoria, aggressiveness.
  • Other: dizziness, headache, tremors, hyperglycemia, dry mouth.

Most of the undesirable reactions disappear within 2-3 days after the start of the cycle.

8.4 Special Precautions And Warnings

Many side effects can be prevented by following these guidelines:

  • Ephedrine can overload the cardiovascular system, especially when taken for the first time. However, this side reaction can be prevented with beta blockers. Take Metoprolol 50-100 mg 1-2 times a day. This normalizes blood pressure, lowers the heart rate, and eliminates discomfort in the chest. Metoprolol will protect your heart by blocking Ephedrine’s effects on the myocardium. Check your heart rate 2-3 hours after taking Ephedrine and Metoprolol 50 mg to find the correct dose of beta blockers. If your pulse is within 60-80 beats per minute at rest, then the dosage is sufficient. If your pulse is lower, then reduce the dose of Metoprolol by half, and if your pulse is higher, increase the dosage by 1.5-2 times.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: at least 2.5 liters per day (total). Otherwise, dehydration occurs, which threatens with numerous complications. The drug suppresses the feeling of thirst and increases fluid loss, so control the amount of water you drink.
  • To prevent insomnia, do not take the drug in the afternoon.
  • If you experience other significant side effects, then reduce the dose of Ephedrine or stop completely.
  • Do not take this drug if you have a contraindication.
  • For complete safety, Ephedrine should be approved by your doctor.


  • Do not use Ephedrine with antidepressants (monoamine oxidase inhibitor, tricyclic antidepressants, and some others)
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary heart disease, history of heart attack, arrhythmias, etc.)
  • High blood pressure
  • Angle-closure glaucoma
  • Prostate Hypertrophy
  • Pheochromocytoma
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Age less than 21 years
  • If you have any medical conditions or are taking medications, you should consult with your doctor before use.

9. What Is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is formulated as a treatment for bronchial asthma. Today this drug is actively used in bodybuilding for cutting cycles.

When it enters the body, it binds to β-receptors in muscle and adipose tissue. Thus, it triggers reactions that lead to the burning of extra pounds.

In addition, Clenbuterol promotes the production of adrenaline, norepinephrine, thyroid hormones, which have a fat burning effect. The drug reduces the activity of lipase, which is responsible for fat deposits, stimulating protein synthesis. As a result, the metabolic rate increases by 20-30%, which leads to weight loss.

clenbuterol for burn fat fast

9.1 What To Know About Clenbuterol, The Fat Burning Drug

The main benefit of Clenbuterol is that it helps to dry the athlete. It is usually used as a fat burner before competitions. However, it is worth noting that in bodybuilding it is considered doping and traces of its use can be found in the body within two to three weeks.

This is not a hormonal drug, which means it is suitable for weight loss for both men and women. The main prerequisite for burning belly fat fast is combining Clenbuterol with proper nutrition and intense training.

9.2 Uses & Effectiveness

Clenbuterol has the following effects:

  • Burning fat and drying muscles;
  • Increased strength and endurance;
  • Temperature increase;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Psychic activation;
  • Anti-catabolic action;
  • Anabolic action.

Despite the fact that some athletes use Clenbuterol solo, it is recommended to combine it with drugs that can enhance its properties, or prevent the body from getting used to the active substance. Ketotifen is one such drug.

Ketotifen is an anti-allergic agent with the unique ability to restore the sensitivity of beta-2-adrenergic receptors to Clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol + Ketotifen Cycle:

  • 1 day: 20 mcg
  • 2 day: 40 mcg
  • 3 day: 60 mcg
  • 4 day: 80 mcg
  • 5 day: 100 mcg + Ketotifen 1 mg
  • 6-27 days: 120 mcg + Ketotifen 2 mg
  • 28 day: 80 mcg + Ketotifen 2 mg
  • 29 day: 50 mcg + Ketotifen 1-2 mg
  • 30 day: 33-35 mcg + Ketotifen 1 mg
  • at least two weeks off

Clenbuterol is taken in the morning and Ketotifen at night.

9.3 Side Effects

The side effects of Clenbuterol are listed by frequency of occurrence:

  • Palpitations (60%). Eliminated by beta-1-blockers. Take Bisoprolol 5 mg or Metoprolol 50 mg in the morning.
  • Tremor (20%). It is expressed on the first day of admission, then gradually fades away. Eliminated by Ketotifen.
  • Sweating (10%)
  • Insomnia (7%). Eliminated by Ketotifen.
  • Anxiety (6%). Eliminated by Ketotifen.
  • Increased blood pressure (6%). Eliminated by beta-1-blockers. Take Bisoprolol 5 mg or Metoprolol 50 mg in the morning.
  • Diarrhea (5%). As a rule, it is observed only in the first days of taking the drug.
  • Nausea (3%)
  • Convulsions (in case of overdose or at the initial stage of taking the drug)
  • In individual cases, a headache is possible.

It has been shown in animal studies that large doses of Clenbuterol can be toxic to the myocardium and testicular tissue.

9.4 Is Clenbuterol Safe?

As a rule, side effects develop at the beginning of the cycle. Then they gradually disappear. Ketotifen, Bisoprolol, Metoprolol help completely eliminate the unpleasant effects of a fat burning agent. Men taking Clenbuterol should be aware of its toxicity to testicular tissue (at high dosages). Drug abuse can be dangerous to the myocardium. However, if you take it according to the recommended scheme, then the health risk is minimal.

9.5 Is Clenbuterol Legal?

According to US laws, you must have a prescription to buy Clenbuterol. Possession of this drug is not illegal. The FDA has banned Clenbuterol for human consumption due to its potential for side effects.

In many countries, this drug is approved only for the treatment of animals. However, there are quite a few countries where Clenbuterol can be purchased without a prescription for human use.

10. What Is T4 Thyroxine?

T4 Thyroxine is the primary thyroid hormone. It is used medicinally to treat hypothyroidism (lowered thyroid hormone levels). Bodybuilders use it as a weight loss aid as well as to compensate for hypothyroidism while using growth hormone.

t4 thyroxine for burn fat fast

10.1 Thyroid Medications And Weight Loss

Many athletes use T4 Thyroxine as a weight loss product. The drug has a powerful fat burning effect, increases calorie expenditure and speeds up metabolism. Its popularity has declined recently due to its negative effect on the heart. Thyroxine has an adrenaline-like effect, causing the heart to beat faster, and with it, it causes feelings of excitement and anxiety.

However, many side effects can be eliminated by combining T4 Thyroxine and beta-blockers. Beta-blockers inhibit the receptors through which Thyroxine acts on the heart, thus preventing the negative effects of the drug on the heart, normalizing the rhythm and reducing some other side effects.

Many believe that T4 Thyroxine can irreversibly suppress the function of their own thyroid gland. However, studies have shown that even large doses of the drug in 3 weeks of administration reduce the secretion of their own hormones by only 20%. At the same time, after 4 weeks, the secretion returned to normal.

Benefits: High availability and efficiency.

Disadvantages: Quite a large number of side effects (however, many of them can be prevented).

10.2 How And When To Take?

When taking any fast fat burning pills, it is important to assess the balance of benefits and harms from them. This is especially true for hormonal drugs. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before starting the T4 Thyroxine cycle.

10.2.1 Dosage

The slimming effect depends on the dosage of Thyroxine:

  • Small doses: Anabolic action, protein synthesis is activated. The hormone accelerates the processes of regeneration and renewal of cellular structures, tissues and muscles.
  • Average doses: Activation of the growth of cellular structures and tissues, increased oxygen demand, increased activity, protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, stimulation of the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  • Increased doses: Decreased secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) by the pituitary gland. The drug is not used at these doses for weight loss.

It is recommended to start taking T4 Thyroxine with a dose of 50 mcg per day. It should be divided into two doses (25 mсg each) per day. Then gradually increase the dosage by 25 mcg. Maximum dose: 300 mcg per day.

10.2.2 How To Take It

T4 Thyroxine cycle looks like this:

  • 1-4 days: 50 mcg;
  • 5-6 days: 100 mcg;
  • 7-8 days: 150 mcg;
  • 9-22 days: 200 mcg;
  • 23-24 days: 150 mcg;
  • 25-26 days: 100 mcg;
  • 27-30 days: 50 mcg.

Divide the dosage into several doses (morning, afternoon, evening).

It is recommended to use β-blockers in conjunction with Thyroxine. However, these are no less powerful drugs, the intake of which must also be coordinated with a doctor. Their dosage depends on the individual parameter (pulse rate). It is necessary that for the duration of the cycle this indicator does not rise above 70 beats per minute and does not fall below 60.

If diarrhea occurs while taking Thyroxine, you can normalize digestion with Loperamide (2 capsules per day).

A T4 Thyroxine cycle can be 1 to 2 months. You need to finish taking the drug as smoothly as you started. Reduce the dosage gradually. The interval between cycles should not be less than 1 month.

10.2.3 What If I Forget To Take It?

If you miss taking the drug, you do not need to increase the number of pills the next day.

10.2.4 What If I Take Too Much?

When the dose of Thyroxine is increased, there is a risk of side effects.

10.3 Side Effects

The following side effects can occur while using Thyroxine:

  • Tachycardia, increased blood pressure (eliminated by beta-blockers)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diarrhea (eliminated by Loperamide)
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Feeling hot
  • Decreased thyroid function (occurs with long cycles and very high doses)
  • Allergic rash

A detailed description of the side effects can be found in the instructions for the drug. It is also necessary to consult a specialist to identify contraindications.

11. DNP / Ephedrine / Clenbuterol / T4 Thyroxine – What To Choose?

We have made a comparison table of pills that burn fat fast to make it easier for you to navigate and make a choice. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using these medications.

Main differences between DNP, Ephedrine, Clenbuterol and T4 Thyroxine





T4 Thyroxine

Drug class


alpha- and beta-Adrenergic Agonists

beta2- Adrenergic Agonists

Thyroid Agents



Ephedrine Hydrochloride

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride

Levothyroxine Sodium

Trade names

Not registered

Akovaz, Corphedra, others

Dilaterol, Spiropent, Ventipulmin, others

Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Thyrax, Unithroid, others

What form(s) does the drug come in?

Oral capsules

Oral tablets

Oral tablets

Oral tablets

Standard daily dosage

2-5 mg per 1 kg of body weight

10-90 mg

20-120 mcg

50-300 mcg

total dose is divided into several smaller doses throughout the day

How long is a weight loss cycle?

24 days [8 days (use) + 8 days (pause) + 8 days (use)]

4-6 weeks

14-30 days

1-2 months

Break between cycles

1 month

1 week

2 weeks

1 month

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Burn Fat Fast At Home?

You need to deal with fat competently. You will have to put in a lot of effort. First of all, review your diet. It is also necessary to lead an active lifestyle, to walk more often in the fresh air, especially if you do sedentary work.

If you have been unable to lose weight for a long time, with regular exercise and diet, then it is recommended to consult a qualified doctor. Perhaps the problem lies in hormonal imbalance or in the development of chronic diseases.

What Exercises Burn Belly Fat Fast?

If you really want to lose weight, then you need to add belly fat burning exercises to your daily schedule. We’ve put together a list of 15 exercises for you to help you solve your problem faster than you think:

  • Abdominal Crunch
  • Side Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Raised Legs Crunch
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Lunges
  • Plank Rolls
  • Stomach Vacuum
  • Captain’s Chair
  • Standing Side Bend
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

What Burns Fat Fast?

Only the following complex of actions will allow you to burn fat fast: correct diet, exercise and taking special drugs.

How To Burn Arm Fat Fast?

8 exercises to help burn arm fat:

  1. Dumbbell Overhead Press
  2. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension
  3. Dumbbell Bicep Curls
  4. Reverse Pushups
  5. Dumbbell Kickback
  6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  7. “Superman”
  8. Upright Row

What Foods Burn Fat Fast?

10 foods to help you burn fat:

  • cabbage
  • beans
  • grapefruit
  • raspberries
  • ginger
  • cinnamon
  • fermented milk products (kefir, yoghurts and quark)
  • green tea
  • coffee
  • red pepper
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