How to Perform Lower Chest Workout at home

Jason Williams

How to pump the lower pectoral muscles? This question should not worry those who have just started to engage in bodybuilding, because the primary task at this stage is to strengthen the body and prepare the base for building muscles. In the first months of pumping the bottom of the chest, it […]

How to pump oblique muscles of the abdomen?

Jason Williams

Both boys and girls pay a lot of attention to pumping their abdominal muscles. In order for the press to look harmonious, it is necessary to systematically develop absolutely all muscle groups located in this part of the body, and not just straight and transverse ones. How to pump oblique muscles of […]

How to pump up the powerful calf muscles?

Jason Williams

In the process of doing power sports, athletes show strong and weak muscle groups, which is determined by individual parameters and genetics. But there are patterns that apply to almost all athletes. Namely, underdeveloped legs. To level this disadvantage, it is especially important to pump an ankle. In this article, we will look […]

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