General Information About Trenbolone and Combination with Other Steroids

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Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Thanks to active debates about the danger and benefits of steroids, anabolics have become so popular that even those who have never been engaged into sports or medicine have heard about them. To date, steroids are prohibited in the public domain, and you can buy them only by prescription.

– About the steroid: history, occurrence. What do tren and cattle have in common?

The history of the creation and appearance of Tren on the sports industry market.

Trenbolone is a synthetic steroid with a powerful anabolic effect. In the sports industry, this anabolic is affectionately called Tren, and all because, given its powerful effect that surpasses even testosterone in strength, the price of this steroid is much lower than its analogues.

Trenbolone was discovered in 1967, when widespread experiments with anabolic steroids started around the world. The biochemists of France first synthesized Tren. The natural hormone testosterone, which is a powerful stimulator of muscle growth, was taken as a sample. Three years later, this steroid has been already actively sold on the market in France and England. Initially, tren steroid was created for veterinary medicine. With its powerful anabolic effects, farmers stimulated muscle growth in cattle and caused appetite in sick and weakened animals. Tren flawlessly coped with his requirements and practically had no side effects, and then manufacturers of sports pharmacology drew attention to him. In a relatively short time, Trenbolone became a favorite of athletes, which is not surprising because it combined excellent anabolic properties, minimal side effects and an affordable price. In 1987, an active protest against steroids began, and the company independently stopped the production of an injectable drug for people, leaving only production only for veterinary medicine. The steroid begins to enter the market in the form of large granules that are introduced under the skin of animals using a special gun. The granules were large enough for human use, they could only be introduced surgically, so Tren was sold freely without a doctor’s prescription. The history of Trenbolone in the sports industry does not end there. All these difficulties did not reduce the popularity of Trenbolone, and particularly smart athletes began to look for possible ways to take a favorite steroid. Some mixed granules with dimethyl sulfoxide and water, and then rubbed into the skin, and then stinked with garlic for a long time. Others inhaled the crushed granules. Quite fearless, they injected themselves, mixing crushed Tren granules with oily steroids and sterile water. They did not achieve ideal sterility, but received a large number of complications. Demand gives rise to supply and since 1990, ready-made special sterile injection kits have been produced.

How does trenbolone work? Why does it continue to be popular with athletes?

Trenbolone and Combination with Other SteroidsTren tends to bind to androgen receptors three times more efficiently than testosterone, which leads to an increase in anabolic activity. Trenbolone is the king among steroids, because it is one of those anabolics that has the strongest ability to increase the body’s strength indicators and stimulate the growth of muscle mass. In one cycle of taking Tren, it is possible to increase up to 21 pounds of lean muscle mass. In addition, Trenbolone increases the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and this leads to active fat burning.

Tren gained popularity among athletes because of absence of aromatization property. It means that the steroid does not turn into female hormones, which is a huge plus, because it reduces the risk of gynecomastia (breast growth) in men and the accumulation of excess fluid in the body. In addition, Tren surpasses its progenitor testosterone several times in increasing strength indicators.

The steroid Trenbolone exists on the market in three variations, which differ in chemical composition and in the rate of excretion from the body.

  1. Trenbolone Acetate. The lightest steroid in this group. Validity is only one day. It is excreted from the body on the third day. On the fourth day, its presence in the body will not even determine a doping test. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to inject daily. It is used most often in powerlifting to increase strength indicators. Apply short-term cycles. A very popular steroid.
  2. Trenbolone Enanthate. It differs from the previous one in the more complex structure of the molecule, which takes about 7 days to decay. Actively works in the body for about three days. The recommended frequency of injections is twice a week. The drug is focused on a set of muscle mass. Great for cutting. Another popular form.
  3. Trenbolone Propionate or Parabolan. The body will need about ten days to remove this steroid. Actively works in the blood for about 7 days, so the most optimal frequency of injections is once a week. A universal drug and, if used correctly, is suitable for achieving any goal.

The rate of elimination from the body affects the frequency of necessary injections. The faster the steroid is removed from the blood, the more often it is necessary to replenish its concentration.

How to use trenbolone and general recommendations.

Trenbolone is available in two forms: tablet and injection.

The tablet form in all three types of Tren is not popular. The thing is that, getting into the stomach, Trenbolone tablets are destroyed by the action of liver enzymes and are practically not absorbed into the blood, which means they do not give the desired effect. You will rarely find a bodybuilder or athlete that uses or has used the oral form of Trenbolone.

Tren can be used at any stage of training, both in cutting and in the active set of muscle mass. You can use Trenbolone alone or in combination with other steroids, where Tren, by the way, is able to increase the ability of these companion steroids.

Top 6 Trenbolone Tips:

  1. Reception begins with a minimum dosage and gradually increases. Then, towards the end of the cycle, it also gradually decreases.
  2. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage of 50 mg per day of Trenbolone acetate, 200 mg Trenbolone enanthate and 300 mg Parabolan to avoid side effects, even if you use Tren in weightlifting. This is just a guideline.  You will often see more advanced athletes/bodybuilders use much higher doses.  These depend on an individual’s tolerance level.
  3. It is not recommended to exceed the duration of the cycle at 8-10 weeks.
  4. After taking Tren, do not ignore the drugs for post-cycle therapy to bring the body back to normal. Post-cycle therapy begins after the steroid is completely eliminated from the body.
  5. Trust calculation of the dosage and selection of the drug only to professionals.
  6. To achieve a positive result, use the right workouts and nutrition.  When the goal is cutting, a calorie deficient diet must be followed in addition to a well planned workout/training program.

How to do Trenbolone injections at home? What tricks and nuances exist? What is tren cough and how to avoid it?

Trenbolone injections are introduced deeply into the muscle with a sterile syringe, the best option is the buttock. Before that, the injection site is disinfected with an alcohol solution. Depending on the recommended dosage, an unused anabolic stain may remain in the ampoule, which must be disposed of. It is strictly forbidden to take the remaining drug again! If a small amount of blood appears at the injection site, then you should not panic. This suggests that a small vessel was damaged during the injection. In this case, the body will do everything by itself, and the blood will stop after a few minutes.

A bump at the injection site may be a sign that the drug was administered too quickly. Such bumps are usually painful, but after some time they resolve themselves. In very rare cases, if sterility measures have not been followed, an injection is possible.  It is a good idea to have some antibiotics on hand just in case.  Do not panic and go to the emergency room.  Many have made this mistake.  Another reason why we sell antibiotics in our online stores.

There are common cases of trenic cough. Dry paroxysmal cough after drug administration. There is an opinion that coughing occurs due to the ingestion of an oily steroid solution into a vessel. In this case, the cough goes away on its own after a few minutes. The only advice is to calm down and breathe deeply, often, as pregnant women teach.  This is pretty common when using Tren.  The cough will last from just a few seconds to maybe a few minutes, as indicated above.  This will go away on it’s own and does not require further assistance.

Trenbolone Dosage. What feature of the drug must be considered?

Trenbolone is a very powerful anabolic steroid that must be considered by beginners. The recommended dosage of Tren A for beginners is 50-100 mg every other day. This dosage will be effective for beginners who want to build muscle. For professionals, dosages of 150-200 mg will be enough to achieve a visible effect.  However, it is not uncommon for some to go above and beyond the recommended dosages.  Individuals need to choose their own dose responsibly.  Tolerance level plays a key role in choosing the most beneficial, effective dose.

In Trenbolone Enanthate, the active substance is twice as much as in acetate. Suitable for bodybuilders. Not suitable for inexperienced athletes, amateurs and beginners. The recommended dosage is up to 400 mg twice a week.

Parabolan injections are introduced once a week at a dosage of up to 500 mg.

One of the features of Tren is that taking it several cycles in a row, it is not necessary to increase dosages, because it is not addictive.

What results can be achieved by combining Trenbolone with other steroids? The most effective cycles.

Trenbolone has progestogen activity, which means that when combined with other steroids, it can increase their properties. For this reason Tren is rarely ever used by itself.

Depending on the desired result, there are several options for taking Tren in combination with other steroids. An important condition for taking Tren is the presence of testosterone esters in a combination, as Trenbolone greatly inhibits the production of natural testosterone. To avoid side effects such as decreased libido and bad mood, synthetic testosterone is prescribed. In addition, such a positive effect as the lack of a tendency to aromatization can adversely affect the set of muscle mass. Testosterone, in turn, compensates for this deficiency.

If you are interested in a cycle for gaining muscle mass and increasing physical strength, it is recommended to take 500 mg of testosterone enanthate plus at least 200 mg of trenbolone enanthate once a week from week 1 to week 9. For the tenth week, only 250 mg of testosterone remains once a week. From the eleventh week, the testosterone enanthate intake ends and the post-cycle therapy starts. This is the minimum dosage cycle. Most effective for beginner athletes.

An advanced cycle on gaining muscle mass.

From the first to the tenth week, take 500 mg of testosterone enanthate once a week, 250 mg of parabolan once a week, 40 mg of methandienone once a week. At the eleventh week, we stop taking parabolan and reduce the dosage of methandienone to 30 mg once a week. Testosterone enanthate remains at a dosage of 250 mg once a week. At the twelfth week, we stop taking all steroids and begin post-cycle therapy.

Cutting for experienced athletes

  • 1 week: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg every other day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day.
  • 2 week: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg every other day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day.
  • Week 3: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg every other day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day.
  • Week 4: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg every other day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day.
  • Week 5: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg every other day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 100 mg per week.
  • Week 6: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg every other day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 200 mg per week.
  • Week 7: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg per day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 300 mg per week.
  • Week 8: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg per day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 400 mg per week.
  • Week 9: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg per day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 400 mg per week.
  • Week 10: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg per day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 400 mg per week.
  • Week 11: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg per day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 400 mg per week.
  • Week 12: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, trenbolone acetate 50 mg per day, stanozolol 50 mg per day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day, primobolan 400 mg per week.
  • Week 13: Testosterone propionate 100 mg once a day, dostinex 0.25 mg twice a week, Proviron 25 mg per day and the start of post-cycle therapy.

 Trenbolone in the male body

Trenbolone is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids and is usually used by experienced athletes who set themselves the goal of building muscle. Less commonly, Tren is used during the cutting period. Beginners practically do not use this steroid.

The effect of Trenbolone on a female body

Trenbolone, even Tren A, which is rapidly excreted from the body, nevertheless remains a very powerful drug. For the female body, Trenbolone is the strongest drug and is almost never used. However, some female bodybuilders and serious athletes will choose to run a cycle that incorporates Trenbolone with other powerful anabolics.  Trenbolone has a high degree of androgenic activity, which can cause manifestations of male sexual characteristics in women, such as male-type hair growth, acne, impaired ovulation, and baldness.

What effects of Trenbolone on the body make it so popular among athletes today?

Trenbolone and Combination with Other SteroidsTrenbolone has a large number of positive effects, which owes its popularity in sports, especially in powerlifting and bodybuilding:

  1. Not exposed to aromatase, which means it does not cause swelling and breast growth in men
  2. Does not retain water in the body, which means it is effective during the cutting period
  3. Increases anabolic abilities of the body three times stronger than testosterone
  4. Increases libido
  5. Increases power indicators
  6. Increased appetite
  7. Contributes to burning subcutaneous fat
  8. Effectively stimulates muscle tissue growth by accelerating protein synthesis. With the right dosage and regular training for the cycle of taking Trenbolone, you can gain up to 10 kg of lean muscle mass.
  9. Accelerates the metabolism, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the body after heavy physical exertion.
  10. Universal anabolic steroid. Depending on the desired result, taking Trenbolone can both gain muscle mass and lose weight, as well as help during cutting phase.
  11. Blocks the production of the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the body to quickly recover
  12. Increases the number of red blood cells, which in turn increases muscle nutrition and increase body stamina
  13. Relatively low cost. Compared with other steroids, which have weaker properties and at the same time high cost, Trenbolone is the most optimal drug in the ratio of price and quality.

Using Tren for weight loss. Effective fat burning.

  • Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg every other day
  • Oxandrolone 40 mg daily
  • Testosterone Propionate 100 mg every other day
  • The cycle lasts 4 weeks.

The combination of Tren and other steroids to gain quality muscle mass

  • From 1 to 7 weeks:

Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg per week

Turinabol 50 mg per day

Testosterone Propionate 750 mg per week

  • 8-9 week:

Parabolan 100 mg every other day

Stanozolol 50 mg daily

For 9 weeks of this cycle, taking into account proper training and a balanced diet, you can achieve an increase in muscle up to 8 kg.

Is it possible to prevent a decrease in muscle mass after taking Tren? What is a “rollback” and how to prevent it?

If the steroid cycle is not completed correctly, the muscles begin to “burn out” and, as a result, after a short amount of time, the entire mass gained disappears. This effect is called “backtracking” among athletes. To avoid this, you should:

  1. Gradually reduce the dosage of Tren
  2. Correctly observe the training regimen, and gradually reduce weight
  3. Do not ignore post-cycle therapy
  4. Keep balanced diet

Side effects of taking Trenbolone. What is there really to be wary of?

The selection of steroid drugs, as well as the calculation of the dosage and duration of the cycle should be done by a professional. If the drug is selected correctly, taking into account all the parameters of the athlete (height, weight, age, metabolic rate, number and intensity of training, the desired result), and all the recommendations given to the athlete are accurately and regularly performed, then the risk of side effects is very small. With an unauthorized increase in dosage or duration of taking Tren, side effects will not take long.

Gynecomastia. May occur in those particularly susceptible to progesterone, which is contained in Trenbolone.

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Increased sweating
  • Sale of hair and skin
  • Lack of libido
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbance

Suppression of natural testosterone secretion

  • Trenic cough
  • Parabolan is able to cause liver and kidney disease.
  • The appearance of male sexual characteristics in women (coarsening of the voice, hair loss, male-type hair growth)

Testicular atrophy

-Trensomnia – immediately four side effects that occur together. Insomnia, night sweats, restlessness and palpitations.

Is there a way to avoid the side effects of Trenbolone?

Properly selected dosage and duration of administration reduces the risk of side effects to almost zero. Therefore, before starting the Tren cycle, consult a specialist and pass the necessary tests. In addition, post-cycle therapy cannot be ignored.

Why do you need post-cycle therapy (PCT). The most effective drugs for post-cycle therapy after taking Trenbolone.

Post-cycle therapy is necessary in order to restore the body after taking steroid drugs.

2-3 weeks after the last injection of Trenbolone, it is necessary to take an analysis for testosterone, estradiol and prolactin. If the amount of testosterone in the blood dropped to average, then it’s time to start post-cycle therapy. After taking Trenbolone in any of its variations, the most effective post-cycle therapy drugs will be Clomid or Fareston. Most often, Clomid becomes the drug of choice except when gynecomastia takes place, although these cases are very rare. If gynecomastia still manifests itself, then Fareston will be the drug of choice.

Recommended Clomid Dosage:

  • 150 mg – 3 days
  • 100 mg – 12 days
  • 50 mg -15 days
  • 25 mg – 15 days

When gynecomastia appears, it is recommended to consume 60 mg of Farex daily until the seals completely disappear. In addition, Farex can be taken during the cycle itself, if necessary. Farex will not have any negative effect on the work of steroids.

After completing post-cycle therapy, be sure to repeat hormone tests. With the correct implementation of the recommendations, the results of the analyzes should be close to those that were before the start of the steroid cycle. In addition, it is recommended to undergo kidney and liver ultrasound procedures.

What is the difference between training with Trenbolone from the usual workouts? Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of Trenbolone.

A positive result from taking Tren largely depends on the correct and effective training. During the period of steroid use, it is necessary to give the muscles a break by loading muscle groups alternately. The best option is to train each muscle group once every 4-7 days. The optimal training time is 1.5-2 hours. It should be borne in mind that taking steroids greatly increases performance and the strength of the body, but the tendons and muscles remain the same, so there is a huge risk of injury. To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct an intensive warm-up before each workout, and end with a stretch.

It is necessary to start training while taking steroids using average weights. With each workout, the weight must be increased so that the muscles receive a constant load and grow intensively. The number of sets and reps is also recommended to gradually increase.

By the time the Tren cycle is completed, it is necessary to begin a gradual decrease in weights and repetitions, so that by the end of the cycle return to the usual training scheme. If, after completing the Tren cycle, the same weights are used as during the cycle period, there is a risk of muscle damage.

We must not forget about such an important factor as nutrition. Within 20 minutes after training, you need to eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates, but not fats. It was at this time that the most effective anabolic effect was recorded. Carbohydrates will help to achieve a sharp insulin jump, which will enhance the anabolic effect, and proteins will go on building muscle mass. Proteins are best used in the form of protein shakes. If these are foods, then they should be as lean as possible (chicken breast, not legs, protein, not yolk). Fat delays the transition of proteins into the blood. After training, it is also recommended to refrain from caffeine for at least two hours. The thing is that caffeine suppresses the insulin jump, and muscle regeneration will be slower.


Trenbolone is a fairly powerful anabolic steroid, which has virtually no analogues in the sports pharmacology market. In addition, it is distinguished by its versatility and is suitable for gaining muscle mass, as well as for fat burning and cutting. It is distinguished by its reasonable cost and ease of use. If all the recommendations are followed, it practically does not cause side effects. Given its power, it is best used by a professional after consulting a doctor. Trenbolone is not a steroid that should be considered by beginners.  Many novice steroid users who made the mistake of using Tren in his/her first cycle, unfortunately were turned away from steroids altogether.  This anabolic is pretty harsh and should only be used by those with steroid experience and a few cycles under the belt.

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