Secret supplements of massive bodybuilders

Jason Williams

Steroids, Sarms, Prohormones, Peptides… All the secrets and true stories

This section is devoted to all advanced supplements that help athletes to achieve outstanding goals and results faster and with less efforts: oral and injectable Anabolic Steroids,  Sarms, Prohormones, as well as regular supplements like Proteins, Caseins, L Carnitines. We will be adding articles with true stories regarding steroids profiles, the best cycles and combinations of steroids, and advises from bodybuilding community and undergroud groups.

Flat12 will be scanning all sports forums and reddit groups in order to keep you updated on best practices for maximum effect with minimum rollback and post cycle negative side effects.

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Beer and Bodybuilding: Are they friends or enemies?

Athletes, including bodybuilders, are mostly negative about alcohol consumption. However, when it comes to beer, the situation changes. Beer fans in unison speak about its alleged use. Beer is considered a source of carbohydrates, a high-calorie product that can benefit muscle growth. Is this opinion true? The answer should be […]
Beer or milk?

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