Father of pharmacology Methandrostenolone (Dianabol, Danabol): why athletes like it so much?

Jason Williams

Who does not dream of strong, visible muscle definition?  It is possible to answer with accuracy that, if not all, then the majority for sure. So, in order to achieve such an effect, it is necessary to connect an anabolic steroid, which will contribute to progress and increase effectiveness.

And the most legendary is Methandrostenolone. People often call him Danabol and Dianabol. Well, on the slang of “pitching” it sounds abbreviated as “methane”. And it is with this anabolic that you can intelligently build muscle, and with benefit for your body. So, meet the stimulator of beautifully defined muscles!

A little information about the main inspirer and key driving force behind the establishment of world records – Methandrostenolone

In track and field athletics, for several decades Methandrostenolone has been recognized as the main inspirer and key driver of world records. At first, it was the attention of athletes that was riveted to this steroid. They became the first subjects of this substance.

Dianabol is a famous anabolic in the field of sports pharmacology. Its benefits:

  • Highest performance.
  • Ease of reception.
  • An obvious result in the form of strengthening the athlete’s physical indicators.

This pharmaceutical product has already been tested by time, because leading athletes from diverse varieties of sports have tried it. And the final result subdued them. And today, Danabol is still relevant and is chosen by a large majority of athletes. After all, it is considered one of the most effective anabolics ever existed.

With its systematic use, the athlete feels a significant increase in muscle strength, and all excess body fat simply “melts before our eyes.” Well-being improves, and energy is added.

Currently, this drug is actively used among bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters. After all, this steroid is characterized by a significant anabolic effect and a small price segment. But with regard to efficiency, it will prove itself very quickly – after 7 days. Increased vitality, volumetric muscles, increased strength indicators, vigor – all this the athlete will feel for himself. Everyday affairs will no longer be a hindrance, and the quality of life will only improve.

The historical journey to the “titan” of sports pharmacology – Dianabol

Here is the historical journey of the “titan” of sports pharmacology Danabol, today the vast majority are simply amazing. After all, as it turned out, this anabolic was synthesized as a drug with the goal of restoring the skin with burn injuries. Dianabol’s “Native Penates” is an American pharmacological laboratory in which all research and testing activities were carried out.

The first mention of it dates back to 1955. In 1958, a company called Ciba launched Methandrostenolone on the American market. Then it was called Dianabol. And the promotion of this steroid on the market was facilitated by a doctor named John Ziegler – a famous doctor of many American teams.

John noticed at the competitions that athletes of the national team abuse testosterone. Ziegler believed that Dianabol has serious undesirable consequences. After all, one of the athletes had an enlarged prostate that had to use a catheter for urine.

In collaboration with Ziegler, Ciba began testing the androgenicity of the created anabolic. And John’s athletes showed excellent results against the background of taking Danabol, which were very impressive. And in the early 1960s, this steroid began to be used massively.

However, Ziegler recommended taking anabolic in the range of 5-15 mg per day. But the athletes ignored this and used more aggressive doses. The result was this – John simply “retrained” as an oppositionist. And in 1967, Dr. Ziegler categorically condemned the use of this steroid by athletes. After all, he had good reason, as he believed.

In 1965, the FDA emphasized this substance and demanded an explanation from Ciba regarding the use of this anabolic. Ciba, in turn, stated that this pharmaceutical product is necessary to treat people with a diagnosis of malnutrition, as well as with weak bones.

In 1970, methandrostenolone was recognized as “probably effective” in the treatment of pituitary dwarfism, as well as osteoporosis. In addition, this substance helped with burn wounds. These changes were reflected in the prescription of the steroid, and as a result, the company lost the patent. But then others began the active production of this drug.

But only as a medicine, Methandrostenolone lasted for a short time. And more precisely, it was until he was in the circle of attention of bodybuilders. It was among them that this drug began to enjoy unprecedented popularity, because in a short time frame it increased strength and strengthened the bones of the skeleton.

However, America’s harsh legislation has censored the use of anabolic steroids. Incidentally, it operates in the United States at the moment. But still, many states, such as Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, are selling this pharmaceutical product in the public domain.

What is the principle of operation of the world famous Dianabol

As soon as the drug components begin to penetrate into the cell nucleus, the genetic cell apparatus is immediately activated. The production of protein compounds, as well as DNA and RNA, is enhanced. Enzymatic chains also begin to become active, which are responsible for the respiration of tissues, while strengthening it. In addition, metabolic processes manifest themselves more strongly, as a result of which the synthesis of macroergic molecules and ATP occurs. Thus, the process of protein production by the body is accelerated significantly.

Dbol SteroidThis effect manifests itself in a favorable nitrogen balance. In addition, the general condition of the athlete is only improving. Methandrostenolone also has a beneficial effect on the balance of calcium and other trace elements. That is, it activates the process of potassium, magnesium and calcium entering the bone tissue. In addition, it has a positive effect on the central nervous system, as a result of which the athlete recovers faster after a difficult training process.

As for ATP (adenosine triphosphate), it is a source of muscle movement. That is, ATP is, so to speak, the “combustible material” that a cell needs to function. Adenosine triphosphate accumulates in the muscle cell and, if necessary, is converted to adenosine diphosphate. This process allows energy to be released, therefore, the muscle cell begins to function. In simple terms, this indicates that the muscles are only getting stronger.

And what else is the principle of the world famous Dianabol? It is worth saying that this anabolic is a kind of modified testosterone. It is included in the methyl group at position 17 alpha, and this is an excellent defense of the pharmaceutical product when administered orally. In other words, it protects the active component from destruction at the moment when it passes through the liver tissue. As a result, the anabolic steroid is hepatotoxic. In addition, this steroid is characterized by the least ability to bind to androgen receptors, but at the same time it also shows the greatest half-life in comparison with testosterone. Danabol also has a lower ability to bind to blood proteins.

So, thanks to all these features, Methandrostenolone is a powerful anabolic, even despite the fact that it has a lower ability to bind to receptors.

The maximum concentration in the blood is observed after one to three hours after administration. When taking 10 mg of Danabol, the amount of testosterone in the blood increases 10 times. The positive effect of the pharmaceutical on the increase in muscle strength is also due to the fact that the production of cortisol is reduced by 50 – 70%. Therefore, a slow breakdown of protein in muscle tissue is observed.

“Chemical maneuvers” when taking methandrostenolone

First of all, this anabolic is intended for men who have reached the age of 21. To the younger generation, due to the fact that their body and hormonal system are not yet fully formed, it is best for them to refrain from using this steroid so as not to harm themselves.

Well, in general, in practice, this anabolic is considered one of the simplest relative to its reception. Dosing can be easily measured, since this substance is presented in oral format. But the best option of the reception is the division of the daily dose into five or six equal parts with smooth adoption throughout the day. Such manipulation is necessary in order to maintain the most “even” level of the hormone in the blood. However, in any case, everything will depend on the physical form of the athlete. Therefore, before use, you should consult a competent specialist.

Danabol is taken immediately after a meal (after half an hour) to prevent heartburn and irritation of the digestive tract. The tablet is placed under the tongue to avoid unnecessary problems with the liver. Experts do not recommend exceeding the dosage of 50 mg / day. In connection with a pronounced masculine effect, it is not advisable for women to use this anabolic. However, there is one “but”. There are enough cases when, against the background of taking Dianabol, athletes achieved excellent results in bodybuilding.

Do not forget that the steroid cycle should not be higher than four weeks. A second cycle is possible only after 6 to 8 weeks. You should also adhere to a special dietary diet to supply the body with energy. The best are high-protein, high-calorie foods. You can also use nutritional supplements, creatine, essential amino acids.

Since Danabol is highly susceptible to the aromatization process, it is recommended that from the second week of the steroid cycle, for example, Anastrozole or Letrozole should be additionally included. These drugs will help minimize the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Therefore, the likelihood of a reaction such as gynecomastia will be minimal. In addition, these drugs will help to cope with fluid retention in the body.

There are also “chemical maneuvers” when taking methandrostenolone. If you want to gain weight, then the best choice will be the combination of Dianabol with Nandrolone. If you are engaged in power sports, then a good variation is Methandrostenolone + Sustanon 250. Such combinations will minimize the frequency of side effects, and the effectiveness will increase significantly.

This anabolic should not be taken on the eve of entering the stage. This is due to the fact that it significantly provokes fluid retention. In addition, female type fat may accumulate due to the convertibility of this steroid to estrogen.

Also, during the steroid cycle of Dianabol, it is necessary to monitor blood pressure. If jumps are noticeable, then it is definitely worth lowering the dosage. And to restore the production of your own hormones, in order to reduce the loss of muscle strength, you should connect the testosterone boosters Tribulus. So these “chemical maneuvers” will help to cope with some difficulties.

What is the dosage for the target “methandrostenolone” audience

Of course, thunderous applause of an excited audience hung over Dianabol for a long time. After all, it is thanks to this anabolic that there is a whole army of champions whose sports triumphs would not have happened without Danabol.

But the question is: “What is the dosage for the target “methandrostenolone” audience?” It is worth saying that the target audience of Methandrostenolone are:

  • Strongmen.
  • Weightlifters.
  • Powerlifters
  • And bodybuilders.

This pharmaceutical product is primarily used in those varieties of sports where weight lifting and the need to absorb / assimilate a huge amount of protein food are provided. Weightlifters and powerlifters are “charged” by Dianabol for more effective resistance with the forces of gravity. Methandrostenolone has an unusual effect – it makes iron easier, the reaction is sharper, and the muscles are stronger. This is what fans of the “iron” sport use.

Well, now directly to the very essence of the matter. Dosage does not vary much. However, it was believed that the larger the dose, the better. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. Even the Danabol manufacturing company itself claims that there is no direct connection between weight and dose. The optimal dosage for an athlete should vary between 15 – 40 mg per day. If we are talking about beginners, then this dosage is reduced to 15 – 20 mg.

If you approach the nutrition and training correctly, then by the 8-10th week the results will impress you, moreover with regard to strength and muscle mass. At the end of the cycle, the effect may decrease. However, increasing the dosage in this case should not be. But the most correct solution is to connect such pharmaceuticals as:

  • Primobolan.
  • Or Durabolin.

But the tandem is considered the most popular and effective combination: Methandrostenolone + Deca-Durabolin. They are ideally combined with each other and give an amazing result in terms of an increase in muscle mass and an increase in strength indicators.

 Note: combinations of Danabol with testosterone-type agents are not desirable. If we are talking about powerlifting, then a combination of Dianabol with Stanozolol / Winstrol or Oxandrolone in tablet format will be an appropriate solution.

The maximum dosage for an athlete is considered to be 40 or 50 mg of this anabolic per day. But this is applicable in cases where the weight of the athlete reaches 220 pounds and above. A completely meaningless solution would be to take high doses of Methandrostenolone, because you still won’t achieve a better result.

Female bodybuilders should not exceed dosages of 10 to 20 mg per day, and the duration of the steroid cycle is 4 to 6 weeks. Otherwise, such “side effects” as masculinization are possible and then irreversible changes are simply inevitable.

As a rule, this anabolic steroid is taken according to the following scheme:

  • Start with a daily dosage of 10 mg.
  • For every three days, the amount of the anabolic is increased by 10 mg until the maximum dosage reaches 30 mg per day (three tablets). One dose – not higher than 10 mg of the pharmaceutical product.
  • From the third day of the steroid cycle, antiandrogens are connected – it can be Nolvadex or another similar agent (10 mg each).
  • In the last week, the daily amount of the anabolic should be gradually reduced until it is completely canceled.
  • At the end of the cycle, continue taking antiandrogens for two weeks.

Of course, high-protein sports nutrition will only increase the effectiveness of the cycle.

What is the pillar of the idea of ​​bodybuilding – a “solo” Danabol cycle or all kinds of combinations

The question that excites many of the “buff guys” is: “What is the pillar of the idea of ​​bodybuilding – the “solo” Danabol cycle or all kinds of combinations?” So, in fact, this anabolic shows itself much better in diverse combinations, especially if you need to gain muscle mass. As a rule, Dianabol in the steroid cycle “solo” is used by security guards. But as for bodybuilders, they prefer to combine Danabol with other anabolics in the mass-recruiting process.

It so happened that methandrostenolone does not stabilize the androgen receptor to the right extent. Because of this, it will be more advisable to use a combination of Danabol with other anabolics in the cycle. It could be:

An interesting option would be the combination of Dianabol with Boldenone. But the real killer bunch regarding mass gain – Methandrostenolone + Testosterone + Nandrolone.

So the “solo” cycle is suitable for security officials, for whom it is paramount to increase the power parameters at the preparatory stage for the competition. But bodybuilders seeking to gain high-quality muscle mass should use all sorts of combinations. Well, here are the most popular and productive of them:

  • Dianabol and testosterone cycle. Testosterone propionate (100 mg every other day) + Dianabol (40 mg per day). The duration of the cycle varies from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • The cycle of methandrostenolone and nandrolone decanoate. Nandrolone decanoate (400 mg per week) + Methandrostenolone (30 mg daily). The cycle takes 8 weeks.
  • cycle Danabol, Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone. Testosterone enanthate (500 mg per week) + Nandrolone decanoate (200 mg per week) + Danabol (30 mg daily). The cycle lasts 8 weeks. Then, for two weeks, testosterone propionate (100 mg every other day) + Winstrol (50 mg daily). As a result, for a ten-week cycle, an athlete gains not only mass, but also brings it to “quality”.

And of course, it is worth remembering about the drinking regime (the minimum amount of water that you need to drink per day is about 2 – 2.5 liters), as well as a good rest in the daytime and at night. So the competent use of Dianabol will give the athlete dense, tough, dried, high-quality muscles, a presentable relief, strength, endurance and self-confidence.

Methandrostenolone and the women – is it compatible in practice

In fact, the answer to the question: “Methandrostenolone and the women – is it compatible in practice?” will be mixed. Due to the fact that this anabolic promotes hormonal changes, sports specialists do not recommend it to cute young ladies. Still possible such reactions as masculinization, as well as gynecomastia.

But there is one “but.” The vast majority of female bodybuilders who are not afraid of masculinization and who are not sensitive to the influx of androgens achieve great results. Danabol is also widely used by women in powerlifting and athletics. Dosages are about 5 to 10 mg per day. The cycles themselves are short, about 6 weeks.

Well, for women – amateurs and speakers in body fitness and bikinis, this pharmaceutical product is not recommended.

Danabol for men – an original steroid that acts according to all the standards

This steroid is very popular among the stronger sex. Even high-level athletes who regularly take part in competitions opt for Dianabol. After all, the muscles become embossed, and with an increase in muscle mass, everything is fine too.

This anabolic steroid begins to affect the body immediately. Endurance with activity in an athlete doubles after two days. A strong load does not affect the joints, that is, the athlete does not feel pain. In addition, Danabol has no negative effect on the nervous system. The emotional mood rises, and aggression attacks are reduced to zero. And thanks to the active generation of energy, workouts become more strengthened, which, in turn, affects the set of muscle mass. Anabolic at the cellular level stimulates the body to work at the limit of possibilities.

If we are talking about the use of this anabolic for medical purposes, then it is necessary to adhere to a dosage of 5 mg per day. However, this substance should not be taken for more than 1.5 months in a row. Be sure to pause two or four weeks before embarking on a new cycle.

To work on the physique, cycles of 1.5 to 2 months should be used. It is necessary to pause with the same duration. It is better to adhere to a dosage of up to a maximum of 60 mg daily. Of course, a larger dosage will improve the result, but the likelihood of undesirable consequences will increase. Great results can be achieved by taking methandrostenolone in combination with anabolic nandrolone. By the way, even the bodybuilders of the golden era, such as A. Schwarzenegger, as well as his contemporaries, used this particular combination. If the emphasis is on the growth of net mass, then combinations with testosterone esters can be connected.

So we can safely say that Danabol for men is an original steroid that acts according to all the standards presented.

The effects of Dianabol are amazing – from a nondescript goner to a brutal and inflated athlete

Among the “chemists” -pumps, this steroid is unprecedentedly popular. And there is no doubt about its usefulness for muscles. And this is not surprising. After all, the effects of Dianabol are simply amazing – from a nondescript goner, a person “turns” into a brutal and inflated athlete.

And here are its fantastic effects:

  • Building muscle strength is just amazing. And all thanks to the active production of protein, as well as the improvement of other processes that this pharmaceutical product has a direct effect on.
  • Physical abilities improve significantly, in particular, the existing strength parameters increase. And this makes it possible to be as efficient as possible and in the process of training to give all the best.
  • Recovery after an exhausting and hard training occurs as soon as possible.
  • The bone apparatus is strengthened and the functioning of joints and kidneys is improved.
  • This anabolic enhances blood circulation and, as a result, beneficial compounds in large amounts begin to flow to the muscles.
  • The drug is characterized by an anti-catabolic effect. When taking methandrostenolone, the interaction of cortisol with muscle cells is minimized, as a result of which the process of protein destruction is slowed down.
  • The mass of adipose tissue is reduced in a small volume.

As you can see, the effects are very noticeable for bodybuilders. Because of this, a large majority find it difficult to resist the temptation to start taking it.

What is the effectiveness of the “father” of pharmacology – Methandrostenolone during mass training

Already gained practice suggests that in order to achieve the desired result with minimal health risks, anabolic administration should be carried out according to the natural biorhythms of the human body and exclusively in strictly normalized dosage.

But what is the effectiveness of the “father” of pharmacology – Methandrostenolone for weight training? This anabolic in bodybuilding shows excellent results even when it comes to the “solo” cycle. In just 1.5 months with a standard dosage, an athlete gains up to 10 kg of total body weight. And this fact cannot but impress.

What “side effects” can you encounter while taking Danabol

As practice shows, the risk of undesirable consequences increases if the recommended daily dosage is exceeded in 30 mg. In other cases, side effects are unlikely.

But still, what “side effects” can you encounter while taking Danabol? Here are the main ones:

  • Fluid retention. The main reason for the manifestation of this undesirable reaction lies precisely in estrogen. It should be said that the bulk of water is retained precisely in myocytes (the so-called skeletal muscle cells). Due to this effect, the impression of an increased volume of muscles is created. This effect is observed exclusively during the steroid cycle. But at the end of the cycle, water leaves the body. Therefore, the weight is reduced by 10 – 50% of the gained.
  • Toxicity to the liver. This effect is directly related to the methyl group in the alpha-17 position, and more specifically with its presence. And it is this factor that causes the transport of Dianabol through the liver tissue in an unchanged state. But at the same time, this is what multiplies the effectiveness of this anabolic.
  • Gynecomastia. And this is a consequence of the conversion of the share of the pharmaceutical product into estrogens.

Such “side effects” as masculinization in the fair sex, acne, increased libido, and arterial hypertension are also possible. However, in any case, all of these undesirable phenomena can be dealt with and even prevented in time if you make a competent PCT and during the steroid cycle connect the necessary drugs to combat these ailments.

What “arsenal” to use to combat the “side effects” of methandrostenolone

In principle, all the negative reactions associated with taking Dianabol can be easily eliminated. The most important thing in this matter is to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not abuse the dosage to an unjustified maximum (we are talking about more than 100 mg per day).
  • Do not exceed the duration of the cycle over 8 weeks.
  • Connect Tamoxifen to post-cycle therapy.

Well, now for the negative effects on the liver. As popular wisdom says, “the devil is not so terrible as he is painted.” All fears about this are greatly exaggerated. It is scientifically proven that the toxicity of Dianabol to the liver is less harmless than the daily use of alcohol.

At the end of the cycle of this anabolic steroid, the athlete “on vacation” allows his organs to fully bounce back. And the liver also recovers on its own. Moreover, this can be verified in an elementary way – simply by passing tests.

Well, what other “arsenal” should be used to combat the “side effects” of methandrostenolone? To combat severe acne on the body and on the face, symptomatic therapy with anti-inflammatory ointments and specialized anti-bacteria agents must be used. With such a “side effect” as the “pituitary gland-hypothalamus testicles” antiestrogens will help.

To combat gynecomastia, antiestrogens should be included in the cycle, for example, Clomid or Nolvadex. In practice, it is proved that in 100% of cases this side effect can be completely eliminated. To cope with water retention, it is necessary to use antiandrogens when taking Dianabol. It is proved that against the background of their intake, this side effect is completely eliminated. Aromatase inhibitors can help with excessive aromatization. These include Anastrozole, Letrozole.

Also, do not forget that Danabol will not implement the entire training plan for you. Do not forget about diet for weight gain. If everything is in order with the regime, then what the athlete receives on the steroid cycle will be immediately “merged” upon its completion. Therefore, at the end of the cycle, the training time should be reduced, that is, the number of sets and exercises should be reduced. However, the intensity remains at the same level. Also more rest between training processes.

In order to reduce side effects of Danabol this particular PCT is needed

At the end of taking this anabolic, a recovery period is required. So, in no case should you forget about PCT. An indispensable tool in this matter is Leveton. It will restore the production of testosterone to the optimal level. And most importantly, its action is absolutely harmless. This drug can be easily used with other pharmaceuticals in post-cycle therapy.

Since methandrostenolone can affect the liver, it is also necessary to take hypo protectors. But to maintain indicators of muscle mass gain, you need to take drugs with calcium, magnesium and potassium.

In addition, in order to reduce side effects of Danabol this particular PCT is needed, which includes:

  • Proviron directly on the steroid cycle.
  • Clenbuterol at the end of the cycle. Take for two to three weeks. This famous fat burner will allow the athlete to remove excess body fat; remove water; prevent the “drain” of the recruited muscles, while preserving it at the same time; and also get perfectly traced and beautiful definition.
  • Upon completion of the steroid cycle, do not be too lazy to drink testosterone boosters for three to four weeks.

Start taking PCT after two or three days after the end of the steroid cycle. During the whole stage of PCT, it is necessary to monitor the body and timely pass all the necessary tests. Such a measure will allow time to make changes in dosing.

Final Thoughts

Everyone knows and understands that in modern bodybuilding there is no way to do without the use of special tools aimed at increasing results. No, of course, no one talks about the prohibition of natural bodybuilding. The only question is whether it is possible to achieve at least the slightest decent success in practicing “in kind”? Surely many will agree that no.

So the stimulation of the increase in muscle strength is built on a sharp decrease in fat stores, as well as the process of accelerating protein synthesis. And it is these effects that Methandrostenolone is so famous for. In addition, this anabolic is also so popular due to the fact that it has a very convenient form of release for calculating dosage and use (tablet). In addition, this pharmaceutical product is not prohibited and can be freely found in retail chains. But that is not all. The price segment of Danabol is several times lower compared to other drugs of a similar action.

This steroid has long been a favorite among powerlifters and weightlifters. But most of all it is suitable for athletes of thin physique. In order to achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to adhere to a diet with a significant content of carbohydrates and proteins. And, of course, no one cancels the regime of training and rest. It is thanks to this approach that you can achieve great results and it does not matter what category you belong to – beginner bodybuilders or experienced amateurs.

Well, the result itself will not be long in coming. Already in the first week of admission, vitality increases, the muscles begin to fill up nicely, strength indicators increase with the mass. The athlete is more cheerful than ever, and training takes place on a full drive. Dianabol has a positive effect not only on sports progress itself, but also provides an opportunity to easily deal with the routine of everyday life. So the quality of life is on top.

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