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Few words about “flat12.me” blog by Jason Williams

This site was created by a bodybuilder, for bodybuilders, as well as for all those who want to build muscle as quickly and efficiently as possible and become the owner of a powerful and beautiful body.

My name is Jason Williams and at the very beginning I want to tell you that Bodybuilding is my passion.

Jason Williams Flat12

I started studying it in high school. At that time, I was the thinnest, most muscular guy in my class. But I didn’t want to measure it and began to think about how to change myself, how to build muscle. And then fate accidentally brought me to the gym. I just went there with a friend and that’s it … since then I just got sick of this sport and have no doubt that I will continue to go with him through life.

Over the years, a lot has been achieved, and a huge amount of information on bodybuilding has been read, studied and analyzed, some of which you will find on the pages of this blog.

What is a blog in general?

The main feature of the “flat12.me” website is that it is a BLOG.

Blogging is now very much developing on the net and every day on TV or on the radio you can hear about the blogs of famous people, so we will keep up with the times.

In general, a blog is an online diary or magazine, the information in which is updated almost every day and people can just chat with each other or discuss any news.

Blog update and what you find inside

I will try to add information to the blog as often as possible, whenever possible and the information will be unique and interesting, which you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. Information will be collected from around the world, especially since I am familiar with some American bodybuilders and have correspondence with them. All the latest and most interesting information will be immediately published on the blog.

Also on my blog you will find many photos, articles, interviews with other bodybuilders, reviews of new books, resources and websites on bodybuilding, as well as the most interesting video will be laid out for your review.

Why did I create this site and why do I reveal the main secrets of muscle growth?

Some people constantly ask me, “Why am I posting so much unique information and why I do not charge for it, because no one else gives such information on the net for free.”

I’ll tell you something – I want to help people grow and I want to help develop bodybuilding in the United States.

But also in the plans I have ideas for creating video courses and books on bodybuilding, which will tell you many secrets of growth.
Therefore, enjoy my site and all the information that will teach you growth.

And in conclusion…

Absolutely every word on my blog belongs to me and any reprinting, sale or simply distribution on the network is allowed only with my consent. Therefore, if you liked my article and want to reprint it or post it on your resource, then just write to me through the contact page, indicating where you want to post this article. I am always open for cooperation and communication.

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