Solo or combined cycles of Equipoise? What is the best way to use Boldenone

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Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

Almost every sane person dreams of having a healthy and pumped body, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this in the realities of everyday life. And not everyone has the motivation, determination and time to put into what it takes to achieve such a fabulous looking body or physique. But for those who do the results can be quite astonishing.  But oddly enough, everything is quite simple, you just have to want it and your secret dreams will turn into reality.  You can divide individuals into two groups:  those who want it bad enough to put in all of the hard work with training and diet AND those who think that just by taking an oral tablet or administering an injection without putting in training or diet a miracle will happen.

Modern developments in the world of sports offer a huge number of specialized drugs that in a short time will turn your body into a role model. One such remedy is Boldenone Undecylenate (its second name is Equipoise). Many know this as EQ.  This is a fairly effective drug, the ultimate goal of which is to recreate the divine (pumped to perfection) body of any athlete.

Extremely useful information about Boldenone Undecylenate, even for professional “pitching”

Initially, the development of an ultramodern drug was carried out by companies with a veterinary bias and used for animals. After all, the entire final product was used exclusively for cattle (and other). And it is worth noting that it gave excellent results.

Soon, highly qualified specialists realized (and proved in the testing process) that were are real possibilities for using Boldenone in everyday life. Indeed, in essence, it is a powerful anabolic steroid, which at the moment is extremely successfully used by many athletes in the entire civilized world. The widespread use (and worldwide popularity) of the product has affected not only bodybuilding, but also other (popular) sports. Advanced athletes understood and fully realized the power and usefulness of this stimulating drug.

Historical journey into the “explosive” giant of the steroid world – Boldenone Undecylenate

In 1949, a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Ciba managed to patent this drug as a synthetic anabolic. Already in the early 1950s and 1960s, it actively began to carry out scientific experimental activities aimed primarily at finding Boldenon esters. And now the end of the 60s, the beginning of the 70s bore fruit in the research and development activities of Ciba. Finally, they managed to create a long-acting Boldenone Undecylenate ester. And it began to be sold at retail outlets under the Parenabol brand (translated as an injection drug). This drug started to be used in the field of medicine, in particular the treatment of such ailments as muscle hypertrophy, as well as osteoporosis (this substance protected the bones from damage in this pathological process).  And when used it provided great success stories.

However, by the end of the 1970s, this anabolic ceased to appear on the pharmacology market. It would seem that in this historical journey of the “explosive” giant of the steroid world Boldenone Undecylenate ended. However, it is not. After several years, this substance reappeared, but already in the veterinary market. The bulk of it was used to accelerate the growth of muscle mass of animals such as horses. And this drug appeared already under another brand – Equipoise.  The American biopharmaceutical company called Squibb “had a hand in this”.  It managed to implement this tool right up to the very end of 1985.

In 1985, Equipoise was acquired by the Belgian chemical company Solvay. It sold this drug until 1995. Then Boldenon Undecylenate was again purchased, but by an American pharmaceutical company called Wyeth.

By the way, this company is currently selling this anabolic steroid, not only in the United States, but also in several other countries of the world.  And it is no surprise that EQ continues to be one of the most widely used anabolic steroids in the bodybuilding industry today.

What is the principle of operation of such a “veterinary diva” as Equipoise

It is worth saying that the ether chain is very heavy and long. And this fact indicates that Boldenone Undecylenate does not begin to affect the body instantly and retains its content in the blood for three to four weeks.  This is why you’ll hear people say EQ cycles are typically longer than other anabolic cycles.

This drug has a very important feature – the highest resistance of 5-alpha reductase (this is an enzyme that modifies the main active component of the anabolic into a powerful androgen). Due to this circumstance, this substance is simply not able to provoke the most serious androgenic pathological processes, as well as “inhibit” the production of testosterone. We are talking about baldness, an enlarged prostate and other negative aspects. So this drug is a real find for bodybuilders.  It can do wonders when used in a steroid stack (something we will discuss a bit later).

So what is the principle of operation of such a “veterinary diva” as Equipoise? In fact, the mechanism of action of Boldenone Undecylenate is similar to Testosterone. But as for the aromatization process, it is the same with Nandrolone.

In addition, Equipoise is characterized by a powerful anabolic effect, and combined with an androgenic, but moderately pronounced character. By virtue of this fact, this substance is not a steroid for the growth of strength indicators along with mass in the shortest possible time. This drug has a beneficial effect on metabolism. In simple terms, its key effect is increased protein synthesis in the muscle cell. As a result, the mass gain is carried out in stages and at a rather slow pace, however, the quality is high.

The main plus of Boldenone Undecylenate is its inability to aromatize. And this, in turn, makes this steroid highly effective precisely at the preparatory stage for the competition.  It has the ability to enhance the body’s ability to become leaner when in a calorie deficit.

In addition, this anabolic generates the process of erythropoiesis, that is, an intensive production of red blood cells. As a result, bodybuilders feel the greatest bulking effect during training.

How to take Boldenone Undecylenate. Instruction for “cautious chemists” and beginners

In general, as with other anabolic steroids, first you should consider consulting a specialist and be fully examined. Such a measure will not only prevent “side effects”, but also competently draw up a dosage and determine the duration of the cycle.  This is especially important for individuals with underlying medical conditions that could potentially make matters worse by introducing a foreign substance into the body.

How to take Boldenone Undecylenate to “cautious chemists” and beginners? The cycle should be about 10 weeks (or more).  In addition, experts do not recommend exceeding the dosage of 800 mg, since this, as a rule, will not give a better result, but will only increase the likelihood of undesirable effects.  There are some individuals who will go beyond the 800mg per week dose without the onset of unwanted side effects.  Always adjust your dose according to your tolerance level and your goal(s).

It is also worth noting the fact that this anabolic is ideal for “cautious chemists”, for whom health is above all, and for beginners in the world of sports. And all because it is a “mild” steroid. So all the advantages of this drug, this category of athletes will appreciate.

For beginners, the working dosage should vary from 300 to 600 mg per week. “Chemists” with the experience recommended to adhere to 600 – 1000 mg. But professionals should take at least 1 gram per week, otherwise the result may not be impressive.

As for the combination with other anabolic steroids, Equipoise + Anavar + Winstrol is recognized as the best option on “cutting”.  For those considering this steroid stack, it is best to run the injectable steroid (EQ for a period of 10-12 weeks but only take the oral for the first 5-6 weeks or the last 5-6 weeks of the cycle.  Running an oral for a period of 10-12 weeks can be extremely toxic to the liver. This is due to the fact that the level of endogenous testosterone is significantly suppressed. At the end of two weeks, PCT should be started to restore hormonal balance.

Do not forget that Boldenone is one of the best injectable anabolics, which is based on oil. In general, the vast majority of experts believe that this is the best starting drug for those who are new to steroid cycles for the first time, because the results are impressive. Injections are administered exclusively intramuscularly (the best variation is the gluteus maximus muscle). As a rule, injections are administered twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays or Mondays and Thursdays.  Making injections less often makes no sense.

During the cycle, a balanced diet is also necessary, in which the main principle must be observed – the amount of energy that comes with food should exceed the amount of energy consumed. Calorie intake should be increased until weekly weight is added in about 600 – 800 grams.  Every person’s genetics is different and results will vary depending on the level of training, adherence to diet and a good night’s sleep.  Yes, believe it or not, muscle growth occurs during rest periods so getting ample sleep will only help you achieve the goal(s) you’ve set.

How to make Equipoise injections to get “obvious” result

In order to achieve the desired goal and not harm yourself, you should know how to make Equipoise injections. And the first is, of cycle, a syringe. It should be 5 cubic meters, since the depth of penetration will be provided, and it will be much easier to draw an oil base into the syringe. But, as a rule, athletes prefer syringes for 2 cubes – the needle is shorter, and the injection will not be felt so much.  Don’t be nervous, that is the key!

Before you type the drug into the syringe, you should warm it up a bit. Such manipulation is necessary in order for the oil to become more liquid, therefore, no difficulties with the set and introduction will arise. If a two-cube syringe is used, then the needle should be inserted almost the entire length. As for the syringe for 5 cubes, then in this case the needle is not inserted entirely.

Then you need to put Boldenone Undecylenate into a syringe and remove the bubbles (air), releasing a small stream of the drug. Next, wipe the place where the injection will be done with an alcohol wipe.

If this is your first injection, then you need to divide the gluteus muscle into four squares. An injection is introduced into the center of the upper right square. After administration of the drug, squeeze the injection site with a napkin and massage a little so that the substance disperses as best as possible.  Those who are new to injectable steroids, consider asking a friend or loved one (spouse/significant other) to administer your injections until you feel comfortable.  You can also stand in front of a mirror while injecting into the glutes so you can know exactly what you are doing.   When injecting, do so in a continuous motion but do not go too fast or slow.

In general, there is nothing complicated about this. Most importantly, if you want to see the result there, do not forget to insert the needle (for 2 cubes) almost completely.

What should the dosage of boldenone undecylenate be in order to feel the miraculous effects?

Optimal dosage ranges from 300 to 800 mg weekly. But what should be the dosage of Boldenone Undecylenate in order to feel the miraculous effect of the pharmaceutical product?  A minimum dosage of 300 mg is tangible for some but this dose may be too low for others.   It is advisable to combine Equipoise with other anabolic steroid agents.

But as for females, it is recommended to take about 75 – 100 mg weekly. Typically we do not encourage women to run longer cycles but since EQ takes a bit longer to kick in, women can safely run a cycle for around 10 weeks. If negative or unwanted side effects develop, consider shortening the cycle or discontinuing EQ.

Which is better: “solo” or combined cycles of Equipoise

When compiling a cycle, it is very important to consult an experienced specialist. In general, as for the monocycle, this is an excellent option, both for “chemists” and for beginners. Nonetheless, cycles of EQ are always a bit longer than the norm.  Results will vary from person to person but when combined with strict diet and exercise, you will notice a body that displays pronounced muscle definition and tone.

It should be noted that the “solo” cycle implies a moderate increase in muscle mass. Yes, and this anabolic is very well tolerated. So, if the intake regimen is chosen correctly, then in a short period of time the results will be excellent not only with respect to muscle growth, but also an increase in strength indicators. There is little fluid, the relief does not suffer at all, the strength and muscle indicators are impressive.

It is impossible, of cycle, to exclude proper nutrition along with enhanced training. So from the athlete required iron will, faith in victory and fortitude.

But many are concerned about the question: “Which is better – “solo ”or combined Equipoise cycles?”. So, in order to increase efficiency, the best thing is combinations of Boldenone Undecylenate with other anabolic steroids. Consider the most effective of them.

For the development of increased muscle mass – Equipoise (200 ml) + Test enanthate (200 mg / ml) + Tamoxifen (10 mg) + Anastrozole (1 mg). This is a great option for beginner bodybuilders. The cycle is safe, effective and most importantly simple. Due to certain properties, Boldenone Undecylenate can be combined with a minimum dosage of Testosterone. In this case, the anabolic effect does not decrease at all. As for Tamoxifen in this particular situation, it serves as a kind of insurance against a possible estrogen effect.

But as for Testosterone enanthate in this scheme, it performs the role of a powerful injection anabolic. In combination with Equipoise, it maximizes strength. So you can safely increase the load without any overvoltage.

Equipoise (200 ml) + Testosterone propionate (100 mg / ml) + Winstrol / Stanozolol (50 mg) + Tamoxifen (20 mg) + Anastrozole (1 mg). Testosterone propionate in this scheme is a stimulator of muscle tissue growth against the background of a reduced volume of water in its fibers. With a carefully thought-out cycle, up to 8-10lbs of dry weight and increased physical potential are guaranteed.

This scheme involves the administration of propionate no more than three times a week. This is enough for the results to be impressive. In addition, one can not but focus on the fact that when using such a cycle, malfunctions in the work of the reproductive and hormonal systems are excluded. And this is important.

Boldenone Undecylenate (10 ml) + Turinabol (100 tablets) + Clomid (20 tablets). This combined variation is in unprecedented demand, especially among athletes seeking to increase the quality of solid mass with a noticeable relief and minimized consequences. If we dwell on this scheme, then physical indicators will grow efficiently and quickly.

What does Boldenone Undecylenate do for men?

The most positive effect of this steroid can be achieved if you use it for longer cycles (at least 10 weeks). However, what does Boldenon Undecylenate give to the men?

First of all, this is a slow, but steady increase in both strength indicators and muscle mass. As a result, the muscles become massive and acquire beautiful definition . Due to the fact that the volume of fluid is a small percentage, the acquired forms are preserved even after the completion of this anabolic steroid.

Are there any contraindications for using Equipoise for women?

This anabolic shows good results when women in bodybuilding purposefully go to weight gain. However, are there any contraindications for using Equipoise for the women? Due to the mildness of this steroid, there are no particular contraindications.

If the cycle is too long or the use of high dosages is involved, then in these cases virilization can manifest itself (for example, enhanced hair growth). However, it is immediately worth saying that such manifestations are found only in those cases when it comes to excessive dosing. But if you adhere to the range of 150 – 300 mg, then undesirable effects are excluded.

Effects of Boldenone Undecylenate – what attracts the “brainchild of the veterinary industry”

Equipoise is a unique pharmacological tool used to enhance endurance, as well as the production of red blood cells. It is these red blood cells that are assigned the role of “transporters” of carbon dioxide and oxygen. In addition, they contain hemoglobin. But these are not all the effects of Boldenone Undecylenate.

Also, this anabolic steroid copes with its responsibilities to increase muscle mass. Since the androgenic activity of the steroid is low, and the anabolic activity is high, as well as the conversion processes to estrogens are almost completely absent, muscle growth is qualitative. In addition, there is no pronounced rollback at the end of the cycle.

So the properties of this drug are very rich. But what else attracts the “brainchild of the veterinary industry”? So:

  • Enhances the appetite. But this feature distinguishes Equipoise from other steroids. A similar effect enhances the intake of food, therefore, muscle gains multiply at times, and the recovery phase between workouts is much faster. A huge benefit for bodybuilders!
  • Increases erythropoietin. This factor is a kind of stimulant, thanks to which Equipoise becomes more effective precisely in varieties of sports where it is necessary to show maximum endurance. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that athletes of baseball, football, martial arts, and athletes prefer this drug. In addition, this amazing property of this anabolic can increase the effect of “venous” and “pumping”. And this, of cycle, attracts the vast majority of bodybuilders in the preparatory stages for performances.
  • Increases strength indicators, while there are no significant gains in personal weight. Due to this property, this pharmaceutical product is an excellent variation for athletes seeking to maintain a stable weight category.
  • Increases collagen synthesis. And this has a great effect on the joints. So the probability of a ligament rupture is simply zero.

As you can see, the effects are very impressive. Only if you put in the work as well!!

The main purpose of Equipoise is “cutting and decoration”

Would you like to “sparkle” with cubes of the press and demonstrate excellent vascularity? Then this anabolic is just perfect for this purpose. After all, the main purpose of Equipoise is “cutting and decoration”. For this reason, the vast majority of pharmacological experts advise the use of boldenone undecylenate on cutting. After all, he perfectly manages to cope with this task.

Due to the fact that aromatization and progestogen activity are almost completely absent, excess fluids do not accumulate in the body. And this is important for athletes.

Undesirable effects – what to expect from Boldenone Undecylenate

In general, there are no undesirable manifestations as such (we are talking about prostate hypertrophy, hair growth, baldness, acne and other reactions). And all this is explained quite simply. Boldenone undecylenate does not have any significant effect on the production of testosterone. In addition, he is not able to “transform” into a powerful androgen. Of cycle, no one canceled the competent use.

So is there anything to expect from Boldenon Undecylenate? There is one point – it is acne in the shoulders, back and chest. For the rest, this anabolic can be accompanied by undesirable manifestations when combined with other pharmaceuticals characterized by high androgenic activity.

In addition, due to its low androgenic activity, it is ideal for female bodybuilding. And while the likelihood of signs of virilization is minimized. And not every injectable anabolic can boast of this feature.

As you can see, this drug will not present you with any undesirable surprises.

How to avoid the negative aspects when taking Equipoise

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of side effects while taking this steroid is extremely rare. Just because the onset and risk of side effects are rare, we must point out that some people that are sensitive to steroids will develop or experience some negative effects. But how to avoid the negative aspects when taking Equipoise, if they still made themselves felt?

Aromatase inhibitors and antiestrogens will help prevent estrogenic side effects.

Special lotions or antibacterial soap can cope with acne.

Is PCT necessary to complete the cycle of Boldenone Undecylenate

It has already been noted above that this steroid has a very gentle effect on the athlete’s body. So with proper use, the risk of failures is close to zero. And here the question arises: “Is PCT really necessary to complete the cycle of Boldenone Undecylenate?”

In general, it will not be superfluous if you focus on maintaining the endocrine system so that the production of natural testosterone is stimulated. So after two weeks after completing the cycle, you should connect boosters. Tamoxifen is ideal for this purpose. This drug will reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, and the production of your own testosterone will also be established. Do not forget about a balanced diet. This will speed up the recovery process and minimize rollback.  Some will choose not to run PCT but this can only do harm in the long run.  Not for everyone but definitely for some.  You may not feel the negative effects for years down the road, but just be prepared for any changes that you may see or feel.

The catching “soul” conclusion

All the above information in no way imposes on people the use of Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) on an ongoing basis.

One only needs to remember and know that this drug has established itself quite well among professional athletes. This can be seen by reading a huge number of positive reviews about Boldenone, which really works very well both separately when taken daily and in diverse combinations with other powerful anabolics.

Athletes provide reliable information that the drug has practically no side effects (with the exception of a minor acne), but real anabolic effects are very noticeable even with a superficial look (muscles, muscle mass, general endurance instantly increase).

Also, do not forget that Boldenon Undecylenate (Equipoise) is recommended for use by a huge number of specialists (coaches) of quite famous sports achievements in the world. The drug is ideal as the first anabolic steroid, because it really has a pronounced tonic and stimulating effect on the entire athlete’s body.

If you want to surprise others with an excellent and bulked body, you should definitely take a closer look at this specialized tool.

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