How to Perform Chest workouts without bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, the first thing that comes to mind for every athlete is a strong, well-developed chest.

I think everyone would like to make their breasts look like a statue of a Greek god.

Men are not the only ones who need strong breasts, many women also want to have tightened breasts.

Therefore, the main exercise that cross everyone’s mind in the gym, if they want to pump up the chest – this is a bench press.

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

The bench press is the main exercise for the pectoral muscles, the basic and well-working chest. This exercise can be found in almost any training program. However, not everyone has access to the bench, in which case you can do a bench press on the floor or 9 exercises with dumbbells that I have prepared for you. Read also: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – A Hormone of Health for All people

Do not worry, in this article I will try to provide you with complete information on pumping the chest without using a bench, so that your workout is in no way inferior to the workout with the bench press.

Here are some exercises we’ll cover:

Chest exercises for men: Upper, Lower and Middle chest

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

Upper chest workout

  • Inclination push-ups (upside down)
  • Svend Press
  • Dumbbell Pullover

Lower chest workout

  • Reverse Push Up
  • Standing Dumbbell Wiring

Middle chest workout

  • Dumbbell Pushups
  • Dumbbell bench press lying on the floor
  • Laying dumbbells lying on the ball

Upper chest exercises for men

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

Building the upper chest is one of the most popular goals of bodybuilders and gym goers.

Unfortunately, genetics is very influential. Some people immediately have a more elaborate upper chest, even before they even start practicing.

Others must work for years before they begin to show muscle.

Given that you can’t control your genetics, just like the weather, all you can do is get the maximum possible result, with maximum effort.

A lot of athletes begin to train the upper half of the chest, knowing how hard it is to train.

Perform the following exercises if you think your upper chest is lagging.

Incline push ups

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

If you do not have access to the bench for bench press, then one of the best exercises for replacement is push-ups in an incline (upside down)

To fulfill it, you just need to find a hill and throw your legs on it. Incline push-ups can be done just about anywhere. You can use the following items – chair, sofa, table, stool, etc.

In the initial position of the arms shoulder width apart, legs on a hill. The exercise is no different from standard push-ups from the floor, except the fact that it can be a little harder for you than standard push-ups. You actually push-up even more of your weight, the higher your place of your feet, the harder it will be. If you’re new to this push-up, start with a low surface, like a curb or step. You can increase the height over time.

Keep your abs tense, your back straight, push-ups will do the rest – pump your upper half of your chest.

Svend Press

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

This exercise can be done with a dumbbell, or use the barbell.  The main point in the exercise is the use of moderate weight.

If the weight is too heavy, then the front delts will be included in the work, this is a little wrong, because we need to pump the chest.

Our goal is to maximize the weight on the upper pectoral muscles. To do this, you should use a weight in the range from 10-20 pounds.

From a standing position, take a dumbbell with both hands, pressing it to the body, lift it to chest level. This will be the starting position.

Slowly squeeze it away from you, control the movement of the dumbbell all the time. Maintain tension in your chest throughout both the push and pull movements.

Dumbbell Pullover is the best exercise for upper chest

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself advised using pullover as an exercise to build the upper chest.

Although in this case we will not use the bench, you still need some kind of elevation to perform the exercise in full amplitude.

Lay your shoulder blades on a surface that is raised above the ground, such as a chair or sofa, or if you are in the gym, even on a medball.

Take a dumbbell with both hands and lift it over your chest to outstretched arms. Slowly lower the dumbbell behind the head, feeling the muscle strain and return it to its original position.

Note that the dumbbell must remain perpendicular throughout the movement. When first starting out, you may want to try two sets of 7–10 reps each. As you get stronger and more flexible, add repetitions first. Then add more weight.

Remember to find the right starting position to avoid neck soreness and lower back pains. Be sure also to keep the palms facing each other throughout the full range of movement. Maintain strong wrists, but relaxed hands. And try to move both arms simultaneously.

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Lower chest exercises for men

Most athletes tend to neglect lower chest exercises.

Incline push ups

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

Push-ups can be done with any item that lifts your upper body.

You can do push-ups from the bars, from the bench for bench press from a chair, etc.

The main idea of ​​this exercise is to raise your upper body.

Like push-ups in the opposite incline, this position will help to transfer the weight to your lower pectoral muscles.

Push-up position with hands placed shoulder width on an elevated surface. Feet on the ground. To make it even harder, place your hands on two parallel surfaces with a hole in-between, so that you can lower your upper body even further than your hands.

Standing Dumbbell Wiring

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

This exercise can be performed with dumbbells or in a pullover. When you perform a standing routine, your lower chest responds best to all other muscles.

All you need is a dumbbell of low weight 10-20 pounds will be enough.

Starting position will be arms with dumbbells extended in front of you. Spread them slowly until they form a 90 degree angle with your body.

Be sure to maintain control over the concentric and eccentric phases in the exercise.

Mid chest and back workout

These exercises will turn your pectoral muscles into one shape. Some people call these exercises the middle of the chest, but there is no such thing as the middle of the chest, there is only the top and bottom. And performing these exercises will simply shape your chest.

Dumbbell Pushups: pectoral muscles

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

The advantage of push-ups is that they can be performed anywhere and anytime.

They are the main exercise in almost any weight training program. It is not surprising that they are very popular among many athletes.

All you need is a place equal to the length of your body.

However, regular push-ups from the floor can overweight your wrists, eventually leading to tendonitis. To avoid this, use push-ups from dumbbells.

Just grab a pair of dumbbells and set them shoulder-width apart. Then grab the dumbbells with your hands and start doing standard push-ups.

If during exercise you feel strong tension in the triceps, try moving the dumbbells slightly outward to focus more on the pectoral muscles.

Push-ups from dumbbells on the floor will help you pump your chest and at the same time will save your wrists from injuries.

Dumbbell bench press lying on the floor

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

This exercise is used by powerlifters and crossfitters to overcome a plateau in the bench press, only they usually perform it with a barbell. Read more about this in the note – bench press on the floor.

Simply lie with your back on the floor with two dumbbells directly above your chest and palms facing toward your thighs. Breathe in and slowly lower the weights towards your shoulders. Exhale and push the weights back to start for one rep. Feel a lot of tension in the chest area.

Since the movement does not allow the hands to fall too low (because they rest against the floor), it helps you overcome dead spots in the exercise.

The same thing if you use dumbbells. Please note that the weight of the dumbbells must be large in order to feel the inclusion of the pectoral muscles, otherwise you will do all the triceps work (with light weight)

Ball dumbbell layout

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

The ball is a convenient projectile for performing a large number of different exercises.

In addition to the usual movement, it also activates the muscle stabilizers of the body, primarily the press.

Using for training one of the best exercises for the pectoral muscles – wiring, you can achieve truly excellent results.

Lie with your back on the ball, take dumbbells on outstretched arms. Slowly begin to breed dumbbells in different directions. Keep your elbows slightly bent while moving to prevent excessive strain on it.

Do not use too much weight, otherwise your technique may suffer significantly and you will not get the desired effect from the exercise.

Chest Workouts for men example

Without a bench: 9 exercises with dumbbells on the chest

Well-developed pectoral muscles are one of the main goals of most gym goers.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym or do not have access to the bench, then the next training session is for you.

Please note that for each athlete, some part of the chest is better developed than the other one, so prioritize correctly.

For most athletes, the upper part lags behind, so we will build our training based on this.

Upper chest exercises for men

  • Push-ups on a slope 4 sets of 25 reps (30 seconds of rest between sets)
  • Svend Press 4 sets of 15 reps (45 seconds of rest between sets)
  • Pullover dumbbells 4 sets of 12 reps (45 seconds of rest between sets)

Lower chest exercises for men

  • Reverse push-ups 4 sets of 25 reps (30 seconds of rest between sets)
  • Standing dumbbell 4 sets of 15 reps (45 seconds of rest between sets)

Mid chest exercises for men

  • Dumbbell push ups 4 sets of 20 reps (30 seconds of rest between sets)
  • Dumbbell bench press lying on the floor 4 sets of 15 reps (30 seconds of rest between sets)
  • Wiring dumbbells on the ball 4 sets of 12 reps (30 seconds of rest between sets)
  • As you can see, this workout is easy to enter at any time, even for the busiest people.


Many people have the wrong idea that in order to get results in training, it is necessary to go to the gym with the appropriate equipment.

However, the truth is that in fact you need quite a bit of equipment and a bit of creativity and then you will see the whole variety of different exercises.

As you can see above, for pumping the pectoral muscles it is not at all necessary to have a bench in your arsenal and perform a bench press. Work with what you have at the moment.

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Connel Analise
Connel Analise

This is a great exercise guide to continue on my dumbbell chest workout even at home due to pandemic. But, I’m just a little concerned that after I’ve finished the routine for a week, I didn’t feel any changes on my chest and I’m doing exactly what’s in the blog. Do you think it is normal, and if so, should continue? Because I think there’s something wrong with how I execute the dumbbell chest workout.

Tayler Carmella
Tayler Carmella

Due to bad posture, some people have a rounded shoulder, so be certain as you move your shoulder’s back, that would adduct the shoulder’s bone. Furthermore, you also need to drop the load and have the ideal shape before you get yourself into heavyweights. With these, your body won’t be upset as it has started to get used on the weights you’ll be added in your dumbbell chest exercise.


Hi, I’ve tried your other workout routine and everything feels good as what I wanted.
I’m trying to build and gain more muscles in my chest, as it is quite hard for me to achieve my desired size. If I try this dumbbell chest exercise along with your HIIT workout, do you think I can achieve my ideal shape on my chest?


I exactly follow your chest workout exercise routine for a week. However, I don’t feel and see any result in my chest especially on my pectoral area, which was supposed to be my target muscle area. Any tips on how to execute the chest workout perfectly? Cause I think I’m not doing it right.

Jack F
Jack F

For you to execute the chest work with faster results. Adding more weights while doing your chest workout will do, and extend your reps and see if there’s any result. By the way, another piece of advice is to bring the weight down very slowly and flex your chest when getting up. Let me know if there’s any result after that.


I’m trying so much hard on gaining chest muscles, If you have any suggestions please let me know, I would be happy to hear it from you. Do you know how much of daily calories and protein should I take? And for my chest workout, what would be my weekly schedule for this chest exercise?


If you’re trying to gain chest muscles, you should be starting at least 3,000 calories and 1.2 grams per pound (your weight) of protein per week, However, it might depend on how active your metabolism is and your total weight. Besides, you should do this chest workout exercise probably or at least once a week.


It gives me a bad time when I do my chest workout, while doing my pullovers I feel my shoulder joints are tearing, making so much pressure on it and makes it hard for me to build my chest. Is there another way to fix the positioning in doing chest exercises, especially doing pullovers?


For you to secure safety while doing chest workout, you need supplementary shoulder mobility effort. For now, you’ll have to do the pullovers along with the painless range motion. This way, it will avoid any pain disruption when doing the exercise. It may take a long to have your range of motion improves but during the process, you’ll see the good results.


I am new to this dumbbell chest exercise. Whenever I tried these sets, I don’t feel any force on my chest, but on the other hand, I can feel it even more in my arms. I’m more concerned now, as I think I’ve made a huge mistake during this process. How should I do this right? Please advise.


I believe you could continue what you were doing. Instead, additional advice for you is to use your muscles in doing incline push-ups to lift yourself. Also, better try other chest exercises without using any weights, for now, your chest is trying to develop to shapen your chest.

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