How to Build Your Own Workout Routine?

Jason Williams
how to build your own workout routine

A training plan will help you optimize your training process. If it is built correctly and followed religiously, you will definitely achieve your fitness goals.

Physical inactivity and uncontrolled food consumption are the second leading cause of death in the United States, according to research by the US National Institutes of Health. Do you know the difference between physical activity and exercise?

“Most Americans are overweight and do not exercise regularly. These two causes together lead to cardiovascular disease, and it’s not for nothing, that this is considered as the number one killer in the world,” says John Higgins, associate professor of cardiology and exercise therapy specialist at the Texas School of Medicine.

The thing about exercise or training, whether that be in sports or with weights, is that it comes down to personal choice. Do you want the easy way round which leads to a bad ending? or do you take the more difficult road that can lead you to a better place? The problem with this choice, is that many people see a bit of excess skin or muscle wastage and say “I don’t need to look muscly” or “I don’t need to look like a Victoria secret model, I’m happy with my life”, but what people do not understand, is that the damage from not exercising is not just on the outside, but it is mostly on the inside. Look at it like an ice burg, the little tip above the water is the damage going on physically to the naked eye and the huge base of the ice burg that is hidden under water that you cannot see, is the damage that is going on within the body to the organs.

It has been shown in studies that for your best chance to live a healthy and prolonged life, 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day is needed to help keep the cardiovascular system functioning properly and to lower the risks of issues of harm to this system. Everybody is different, some may benefit from 20 minutes while others run for hours, the point of using this study as an example, is to show that exercise is needed to keep you healthy. If you need to exercise in life, why not build up your own routine that suits your preferences and desires rather than follow a “text book” routine, as sometimes this can feel like a chore!

how to build workout routine

5 Factors to Consider When Build a Workout Routine

“The key to achieving your fitness goals is consistency,” says Troy Tuttle, Ph.D. in Physical Therapy Institute of Medicine in Texas. “The best training plan is one that is realistic, achievable, and easy to repeat.” You also need to pay attention to proper nutrition before and after exercise. Post-workout protein shakes can help you recover and build muscle faster.

When it comes to planning your own tailored routine, you do not need to go crazy and compete with professional athletes or be wanting to break any records within tour routine. Think of a light routine to be able to introduce you and your body into the world of exercise. Plan a routine that you will like and when your body starts to get used to the routine and is more active, only then can you start to challenge yourself and create routines that will push you and your body to the next level of fitness.

Here are a few factors to consider when building your daily training routine:

1. Choose the Exercises That You Like

The likelihood that you will follow a plan that you have set up and do not like is almost nil. After each workout, you should ask yourself, “Did I enjoy the training process, and how do I feel?” If you’re not enjoying the training, keep changing up the exercises or routines, until you answer yes to this question.

There are many ways in which you can warm to exercises or routines, one best way is to find something that you enjoy and incorporate this into your training program. For example, if you like the outdoors and walks through the park, make one of your daily routines a nice gentle jog or run through a nice park that you like. This way you will be more confident and comfortable with the task at hand that is set on your daily routine.

2. Consider Your Personality

If, for example, you prefer to exercise alone, then you need to build a home workout plan to exercise at home. You can also include hiking, walking in the fresh air, or cycling in your routine and make sure that you find a nice quiet road, park or any place that you can be alone while exerting yourself to this kind of exercise.

Are you interested in psychophysical exercises that combine movement with breathing and visualization? Then include in your routine; Chinese Gymnastics, Tai chi, Pilates, or Yoga. If you enjoy being in a group of people and are more motivated when working with other people, then in this case, you can join group exercise classes or dance classes, or even find a park that is busy with other people who are running and enjoying their exercises. This way you will be surrounded by people with the same mind-set as you.

3. Don’t Skimp on Your Health

If you can afford it, group sessions or sessions with a personal trainer are good alternatives and even incentives. Ideally, your training plan should include aerobic exercise (cardiovascular exercise) and exercise that increases your muscle tone and endurance.

Being that all these exercises and routine can be done within a gym. Some gyms include free classes while others you have to pay for as an extra class. Either way, this is good motivation if you have the money, as there will be people there in the same boat as you and with similar goals or desires for exercise.

A personal trainer will be able to help you and find the exercises that you may benefit most from but this will be dependent on your desired goals. Also, if you are just needing that slight push to get yourself going, this is where help from professionals or others can be very beneficial. Once you have had that push and are used to your routine, you will have much more motivation to start pushing yourself once you have seen what you are capable of and this is where you can spread your wings and thrive in fitness environments.

Also the clothes in which you exercise are especially important as these will be hugging you while you’re in an uneasy mind-set or while you are feeling sweaty and discussing. They should be functional, lightweight, and comfortable. The more you feel comfortable while you are exercising, the more positive you will be towards exercise itself. These clothes and other sports equipment are easy to buy at a sports store or online.

how to make a workout plan

4. Free Exercise with No Excuses

If you are a little under with your financials or you do not see the point in spending money on being able to exercise, then the great outdoors can be the place for you to up your health and fitness. The great thing about exercising outdoors, is that it only takes 20-30 minutes out of your day, as you do not have to travel to a fitness center or a gym. You can just grab your trainers and some headphones if you like listening to music, step out of your front door and go for a long walk, jog or a run. This is a great way to start off when you are beginning to plan or set your routines for exercise. You can choose different routes, different speed (walks, runs) and make a suitable daily routine that suits you and your lifestyle.

5. Decide on Your Physical Shape and Set Goals

1. You Have a Good Physical Shape

The joy of creating your own fitness plan means that you do not have to follow a huge fitness program that is standard or wanted by many people. If you are overweight or not used to exercise, instead of jumping in the deep end and having to change your physique and body fat percentage with intensive heavy and uncomfortable workout routines. You can start of by setting your goals low and creating a fitness plan that does not tear you apart, this way you will be more comfortable and not be scared to start your exercise. Once you have completed these small goals, then you can start to expand on these and create bigger more challenging routines for yourself.

2. Have You Had a Long Break or are You a Beginner

If you have done regular exercises before and it has been a long time since you have done any exercises, then one of the reasons that you may be holding yourself back from starting again, is that you may remember some grueling, sweaty and uncomfortable workouts. This is most of the time due to, trying to copy or follow other people who may already be at a great level of fitness, or simply because you set your goals too high the first time around. In some cases, it may have been that you have had children or have changed your working hours, this all can have a big impact on regular routines or time that you have lost in being able to visit the gym. In this case you can benefit from making your own routine because you can fit it around your lifestyle with work or children and make the exercises and routine work for you, rather than you having to work for your routine.

If you are completely new to exercise, this can be scary for some, by wondering “how am I going to fit this in” or “how am I going to look in front of other people when I am new and have not got the fitness to last 5 minutes”. In this case as we talked about above, there are many different ways and different goals that you can set yourself to make sure that you are comfortable with what you are doing. With that said, within any type or exercise, you will need to push yourself regardless as this is how the body learns to respond and grow, which in essence, makes your body run with a lower risk to your health.


The key to building your fitness plan is to acquire and reinforce your plan while looking at it as a new lifestyle, you need to make your routine and training exercises become a habit. Once you have made your new routine your habit, it will become less of a chore and you will find yourself starting your routines as you would do any other normal habit. Once this is the case, many if not all people actually start to enjoy their routines and exercises, as they start to feel healthier and better in general with an improved state of mind.

It absolutely doesn’t matter what age you are or how fit you are. With all the tips and information above, you can start planning your workout routine now to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

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