Introduction to PHUL Workout — Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower

Jason Williams

Power or hypertrophy? You no longer have to choose! Use our smart split training plan and hit two goals at once.

We have 4 weeks of intensive work ahead to get our goals. But keep in mind: this program is not the best option for beginner athletes. If you don’t have training experience, you better choose one of the beginner workouts.

Split in two

Of all the split options, we chose the simplest one – upper/lower split. One day you will work on upper body, and the next, you will focus entirely on training your legs.

This type of training has a significant advantage: you will work the target muscles more often — twice a week.

But since you will work in ‘opposite’ modes, this will not affect your recovery.

Working on two fronts

You say you can’t get two goals at a time? Our program will change your opinion! The trick is that in our monthly plan, we combined training principles of weightlifters and muscle gainers. That is, within the 4-week training cycle, you will manage to complete two tasks at once — increase strength indicators and gain muscle mass.

We will divide the load fifty-fifty:

  1. In the first two days we will lift heavy weights in a small number of repetitions.
  2. In the end of the training week, we will gain muscle mass in medium range.

Moving through the training stages, we gradually increase the load, according to the ‘no monotony’ principle.

Exercise selection

The training will be effective only if you include tried-and-tested exercises for your workout routine.

As basic exercises for our training we chose well-known compound exercises that work multiple areas in the same movement. We also added some isolation exercises to target specific muscles.

In the upper-body days, you perform one basic movement for a major muscle groups, and after that you target them with isolation exercises. The exercises are arranged in a special order to effectively work antagonistic muscles.

With the legs, we use the following approach: first, we load them with compound exercises, then, we do several isolation movements.

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