P90X for Bodybuilding: Workout Routine & Nutrition Plan

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p90x for bodybuilding

Do you want to get rid of side fat and look like a star from the cover of a magazine? Tired of non-working weight loss methods? Don’t like group fitness classes?

Then the P90X is exactly what you need. An Extreme 90 Day Workout Program Will Make You Mister or Miss Perfect. This 60-90-minute workout, six days a week for three months will make your body lean, and your spirit strong. 12 sets of exercises according to the Confusion system ensure that you will not be bored, and the body will not be able to adapt to the load, thus avoiding the plateau.

Don’t think it will be easy. You will have to work hard and then you will see the results.

P90X History

Tony Horton created the P90X system to prove to himself and to other people that any person has a chance to transform their body. The renowned fitness trainer has developed an exercise technique that makes the workouts more efficient. He believes this program is suitable for anyone desperate to change themselves. His motto is ‘BRING IT ON’.

Tony Horton

P90X Description

P90X is a fitness program that allows you to build a perfect body at home. The dynamic combination of strength and cardio training forces the muscles to work “to failure.” This approach guarantees results. All you need is dumbbells, a horizontal bar, and the will to win.

Before starting a training program, you need to make sure that you can do all of its elements. To do this, take the fitness test designed to measure your fitness level. If you have not achieved the minimum result, choose a lighter Horton program, for example, P90.

Contraindications: Diseases of the heart, joints and spine.

Dynamics P90X

What Does the P90X Workout Offer to Bodybuilders?

  1. Understanding the principles of the body. Each workout is designed for specific muscle groups.
  2. Understanding the principles of proper nutrition. In addition to intense exercise, you will need to eat healthy food, follow the recommendations of a nutritionist.
  3. Building your dream body. As a result of the 90-day program, your body will become perfect.
  4. The program will help you to develop physically and mentally; coordination, strength, flexibility, will, and endurance.

How Does This Program Work in Gaining Great Results?

The training complex is based on the principle of alternating loads. The constant change of exercises makes the body work to its fullest potential, preventing it from entering the plateau phase.

P90X result

Physical Fitness Test

Before starting your workouts, complete this fitness test and make sure that you are ready for the loads that will be put on you and your body.

  1. Measure your pulse how many beats per minute
  2. Do warm-up exercises
  3. Do the maximum number of pull-ups and record the number (minimum 3 for men, 1 for women)
  4. Jump up and mark the achieved height
  5. Do push-ups (minimum 15 for men and 13 for women)
  6. Reach out while sitting on the floor to measure how far towards your toes you can go
  7. Do wall squats count the number and count the minutes
  8. Do dumbbell curls count the weight and reps
  9. Do abdominal exercises (at least 25 reps)
  10. Measure your pulse rate after all is complete and compare with the initial figure

Be sure that you can complete the test before starting the P90X program.

p90x nutrition plan for bodybuilding

P90X Nutrition Plan for Bodybuilding

Remember the main rule when losing weight is that you need to burn more than you eat. What does it mean? There must be a calorie deficit to loose weight!

It has been scientifically proven that being in a calorie deficit state, is necessary to achieve the desired result in a short space of time. Your diet should be based on healthy ingredients, and should not contain “fast” carbs and unhealthy fats.

Proper nutrition is the key to a successful transformation in the training process.

Three Stages of Nutrition

  1. Burning body fat requires; Low fat and high protein
  2. Strength development requires; a reasonable combination of protein and carbohydrates with a low fat content
  3. Improving your stamina requires; Emphasis on complex carbs, low fat and high protein content
p90x workout routine for bodybuilding

P90X Workout Routine for Bodybuilding

This training program as described above, is to shock the body to grow, this means that because it cannot get used to any particular load or exercise. You will keep your body guessing and in turn get some great results! The great thing about this workout, is that we have given you the guide and the now how to be able to put together a routine that works best for you and your body until you hit fatigue! Over the 90 days, you want your body to hit fatigue regularly throughout your workouts and as you start to complete these workouts without hitting failure, then you can up the loads and reps, while keeping your body hitting failure with every workout! Below is your guide to be able to start this fantastic way of training and start you on your road to that new physique!

1. Chest and Back with Torso Muscles

Strength training for the upper body includes; chest and back, which is an alternation of push-ups and pull-ups. To monitor the dynamics of the body, it is necessary to record the exercises in a notebook to monitor your progress as you go.

Result: Muscle definition, development of the muscular apparatus, fat burning and increased endurance.

Necessary equipment needed: Horizontal bar, expander (optional) and a chair.

2. Plyometric Workout: Jumping

This is a full-body cardio training session, during which there is a shock load on the muscles due to being stretched and quickly contracted. Jumping for an hour will be effective for any person of any fitness level.

Result: Increased endurance, improved cardiovascular system performance and the rapid burning of fat.

Necessary equipment: Sports shoes and a chair.

3. Upper Body: Shoulders and Arms

This intense strength workout targeting the arm and shoulder muscles includes; dumbbell exercises and pull-ups. Developed muscles of the upper shoulder girdle are one of the main indicators of general physical development.

Result: Muscle definition, improved strength performance and fat burning properties.

Necessary equipment: Horizontal bar and dumbbells.

4. Yoga X

Balance training, which is based on exercises for intermuscular coordination, balance, stretching of the ligamentous apparatus, endurance, and body recovery. Strength elements are combined here with relaxation techniques.

Result: Flexibility and mobility of the ligaments, strengthening the muscles of the torso and increasing overall body endurance.

Equipment Needed: Mat and yoga blocks.


5. Lower Body: Legs and Back

Interval strength training for the muscles of the legs, buttocks and back, which includes lunges, squats, and pull-ups.

Result: Muscle definition and burning fat.

Necessary equipment: Chair, horizontal bar and a wall.


Intensive training, consisting of the techniques of oriental martial arts (kung fu and jiu-jitsu). The program includes quick punches, kicks, jumps, which contribute to the general physical development and the development of defense skills.

Result: Increased vitality, improved cardiovascular function and body response.

Required equipment: Heart rate monitor.

7. X Stretch

The set of static exercises is aimed at stretching and restoring the muscular-ligamentous apparatus. Stretching and relaxation are a must in any person’s training program. They allow muscles to reanimate and reach new levels.

Result: Joint mobility, development of the ligamentous apparatus, relaxation of the body and brain.

Equipment needed: Yoga mat and a yoga block (optional).

8. Motor Cortex: Core Synergistics

Cardio-strength training for the muscles located in the hips, spine and pelvis. These muscle groups are responsible for a beautiful posture, the correct location of internal organs and the health of the spine. The training program includes alternating high and low-intensity exercises and elements of military training.

Result: Formation of posture, support of the spine, improvement of strength indicators and muscle definition.

Equipment needed: Yoga mat and dumbbells.

9. Upper Shoulder Girdle: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

High-intensity strength training aimed at developing the muscles of the chest, back and shoulders with an emphasis on the triceps and biceps. The program includes push-ups, dumbbell work and pull-ups.

Result: The formation of muscle mass in the upper body and improved strength.

Necessary equipment: Dumbbells and a horizontal bar.

10. Back and Biceps

These dumbbell exercises are aimed at muscle definition of the arms and shoulders. You can do the exercises with light dumbbells, but if your goal is muscle mass, you need to work out with heavy weights.

Result: Rapid burning of fatty deposits, the formation of muscles of the arms and back.

Necessary Equipment: dumbbells, horizontal bar.

11. Cardio X

Cardio training is aimed at stabilizing the condition. Suitable as an additional workout to the standard program for those who want to lose weight quickly. May be a substitute for strength training if the body is tired.

Result: improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system and burning fat.

12. AB Ripper X

A short but intense workout should be combined with every strength program. Simple and effective exercises for the abdominal muscles will allow you to get a six-pack at home.

Result: A six-pack and the support of internal organs.

Equipment required: Yoga mat.

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