Best Arm Workouts: 5 Ways to Blow Your Biceps

Jason Williams

Not all training programs are equally effective. These five workouts for biceps are guaranteed to help increase its size, regardless of your level of fitness or fitness goals!

It may sound too loud, but most of the guys who visit the room want powerful hands. Although this is a relatively small muscle group, large and beautiful biceps are important for most men.

The main movement to increase biceps is to bend the arm, but there are many options that involve the three main parts of the biceps: the long head, short head, and brachialis. In the proposed workouts, relevant and effective methods for bicep growth that make them unique are collected! By changing the speed and number of repetitions, using the refusal training, you can take a training for beginners and make it basic for mass gain.

What you should not forget: When your elbows are extended beyond the plane of your body (as when doing flexions on Scott’s bench), the long head of the biceps is not able to fully stretch, so these types of exercises use the short head better. However, when the elbows are in the plane of the body (as when bending dumbbells sitting), the long head is fully stretched, which allows you to lift more weight. By changing the position of the hands along the body when bending the arms with the barbell, you get the opportunity to shift the emphasis of the load and use different options for performing the same exercise. You may also like: Detailed description of the steroid drug Sustanon 250

You can also try exercises that change the position of your palms (grip) – whether it is supination (palms up), pronation (palms down), or neutral (palms facing each other). These seemingly small differences have a great influence on how much of the forearm will be loaded more.

Another point: You do not have to be a guy to get the most out of these workouts. For many, they can be tiring, regardless of the level of training and training experience, but still we encourage girls to try them!

1. Weight training

Pulling to the side is not the most suitable basic movement for biceps. If you want to start with an exercise that allows you to work with maximum weights, then, of course, this should be lifting the barbell to the biceps while standing. Use a shoulder grip to engage both bicep heads. In subsequent exercises, you should change the position of your arms and elbows: when bending your arms while sitting on an inclined bench, a long head is better stretched, while exercises on Scott’s bench (platform) are well suited for a short head. Neutral grip (grip, which is used when performing the “hammers” exercise) perfectly loads the brachialis lying under the biceps, and the reverse (direct) grip accentuates the load on the brachiodialis (brachioradialis muscle).

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These training schemes contain only work sets! Perform the required number of repetitions, but never bring your workout to failure! 

Choose the weight necessary to achieve muscle failure in the given repetitions. This training program uses the reverse “pyramid” method in which you reduce weight in each subsequent set, while increasing the number of repetitions. It is very important to bring each set to complete muscle fatigue.

If you are engaged with a partner, do several forced repetitions in the hardest set of each exercise (you should choose the first or second set). If you don’t have a partner, do a drop set in the last set of each exercise: when you achieve muscle failure, reduce weight by 25 percent and do a few more repetitions.

Weight training

No.ExerciseNumber of SetsNumber of repetitions
1Bending arms with a barbell standing46-8, 6-8, 8-10, 8-10
2Bending the arms while sitting on an incline bench with dumbbells alternately38, 8, 10
3Arm curl on Scott’s bench (“music stand”) alternately with dumbbells310, 10, 12
4Bending the arms on the lower block with a rope handle310-12, 10-12, 12-15
5Bending arms on the lower block with a reverse grip with a straight handle310-12, 10-12, 12-15

2. Training using supersets

This workout involves all parts of your biceps, and even your forearm. Supersets increase the intensity of your workout by increasing the number of repetitions, which leads to the effect of pumping (a sharp rush of blood to the muscle). The bends of the arms sitting have a shorter range of motion, and therefore, should be performed after full (full-amplitude) bending while standing.


Choose a weight with which you can achieve muscle failure by performing a given number of repetitions. Use the same weight for all sets in the exercises (the weight for each exercise should be selected individually). Bring each set to muscle failure.

Do the “hammers” exercises with both hands at the same time, bending the arms with dumbbells – alternately.

Exercises in supernets are paired; rest only after completing both.

  • SuperSet Training
  • 1SUPERSET Exercise Number of Sets Number of repetitions Bending the arms with the EZ-shaped bar standing 3 12 Narrow Grip Concentric Arm Curls 3 To failure
  • 2SUPERSET Exercise Number of Sets Number of repetitions Bending the arm on the lower block 3 12 Arm curl with dumbbell on Scott’s bench (music stand) 3 12
  • 3SUPERSET Exercise Number of Sets Number of repetitions Hammers exercise 3 12 Bench curls with bench rest 3 fifteen

3. Training for beginners

This training program consists of three exercises: in the first of them you have the opportunity to use heavier weights. In the last exercise in one set, bend your arms at the same time, in the next – alternately, to find out which method is more suitable for you.


Choose a weight with which you can achieve maximum muscle fatigue, but not achieve muscle failure during the first month of training. The first two exercises are performed according to the principle of “pyramid”: weight gain occurs from the first set with a decrease in the number of repetitions in subsequent ones.

Training for beginners

No.ExerciseNumber of SetsNumber of repetitions
1Bending arms with a barbell standing315, 12, 12
2Biceps Arm Curl315, 12, 12
3Arm curl while sitting on a bench with dumbbells at the same time212, 12

4. Workout with emphasis on peak biceps (long head)

When you bend your arm at the elbow, the biceps contract and its height is called the “peak”. The larger the long head of the biceps, the higher its peak. This training is aimed at developing a long head and increasing peak biceps.


Choose the weight with which you will achieve muscle failure for the number of repetitions specified in the program. Training sessions are built using the “pyramid” method: you add weight with each set, while reducing the number of repetitions. To achieve complete muscle failure should only be in the last set of each exercise.

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Workout with emphasis on peak biceps (long head)

No.ExerciseNumber of SetsNumber of repetitions
1Narrow-grip bending arms412, 10, 8, 6
2Bending the arms while sitting on an incline bench with dumbbells alternately312, 10, 8
3Bending the arms on the lower block with a rope handle312, 10, 8
4Concentric bending of the arm with focus on the knee312, 10, 8

5. Training with an emphasis on the short (inner) biceps head

To achieve perfectly developed biceps, you should not rely only on exercises aimed at increasing the long head. In order to shift the focus to the short bicep head, you should use different angles when bending relative to the torso.


Choose the weight with which you will achieve muscle failure from the number of repetitions in this block.

The training program involves the use of the same working weight for all three sets. Try to complete all scheduled repetitions in each of them (but don’t stop if you can do more). You should use lighter weight in each subsequent exercise (to increase the number of repetitions).

Focus on the short (inner) head

No.ExerciseNumber of SetsNumber of repetitions
1Wide grip bending arms38
2Flexion of arms on Scott’s bench (music stand)310
3Crossover arms312

Training council

When bending, keep your hands pressed to your body. If you push them forward in an attempt to lift more weight, the front delta bundles will remove some of the load! You may also like: How to use Anadrol (Oxymetholone) to increase muscle mass

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