8 mistakes to avoid during back muscle training

Jason Williams

Carefully read our list of the 8 most common mistakes when training back muscles, which should be avoided! Many guys who are actively training have well-developed pectoral muscles, arms and abs. But as soon as they turn their backs, it becomes clear where they do not modify. Just because you give […]

Best Arm Workouts: 5 Ways to Blow Your Biceps

Jason Williams

Not all training programs are equally effective. These five workouts for biceps are guaranteed to help increase its size, regardless of your level of fitness or fitness goals! It may sound too loud, but most of the guys who visit the room want powerful hands. Although this is a relatively small muscle […]

Five reasons to include Anavar in bodybuilding steroid cycles | Advantages of Oxandrolone

Jason Williams

Anavar (Oxandrolone) The aspiration of any athlete, first of all, is aimed at increasing his muscular strength, improving endurance, and making the muscles themselves embossed. To achieve this goal, the vast majority of them start taking anabolic steroids. So, perhaps, the most harmless anabolic, regarding the manifestation of unwanted reactions, is […]

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