Best Way to Burn Fat Fast

Jason Williams

Today, we will tell you an effective way on how to burn body fat, and this is not about diet, this is about exercise. We know that all diets work according to one principle, a calorie deficit! To reach a state of the body having a calorie deficit, you need to increase the amount of calories that your body requires (burns), but still consume slightly less of these calories needed from food that you consume. Usually, strength exercise is used to maintain muscle mass and the goal of cardio or aerobics is to burn fat. Basically, this is true, although strength training can also create the load that can help burn fat efficiently.

So, let’s talk about cardio. The lower the intensity of the training, the more calories that are burnt. If your goal is to burn body fat, your best choice is to choose low-intensity cardio, such as walking or jogging.

Fat Burning Tips

There is a common misconception about how we should use cardio to burn fat. Many think that more is better, thus, the more time you spend running, the more fat you will burn. This scheme works in some ways, but there is a serious drawback to this as we confuse visceral fat with subcutaneous fat. When we do low-intensity cardio workouts, we burn visceral fat. Yes, you’ve probably noticed, that after a couple of weeks of training, the amount of body fat is reduced. But there are reasons for this. Subcutaneous fat can migrate to visceral fat, but for this, you need to create a deficit.

Visceral fat

During cardio, you burn visceral fat. To burn the visceral fat deposits, you need 30-50 minutes of cardio. Then, you need to stop the training and have a 30-minute rest to restore the visceral fat due to the migration of subcutaneous fat. Then, you can do another 30-50 minutes of low-intensity cardio, and rest for 30 minutes. This allows you to make your training more efficient and burn more subcutaneous fat more effectivly.

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