Major Things That Kill Your Testosterone: Telling about Signs of Low T and How to Boost Your Testosterone immediately

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The main male hormone Testosterone is of great importance, not only for people involved in strength sports. Testosterone plays an important role in men’s health throughout their life, regulating libido, erectile function, sperm production, bone density, muscle mass, mood stability, and more. Thanks to Testosterone, a man lives a fulfilling life and can enjoy it.

Males with low Testosterone can be recognized immediately. They are passive, depressed and constantly complain about life. They are also not motivated to achieve any goals within their lives.

There are many factors that can lower Testosterone levels. In this article, we will highlight the main signs of low T factors, that affect your T levels, and will give you some tips how to boost the levels of Testosterone.

A sedentary lifestyle, or excessive physical activity

If you do not move around much and spend most of your life in a sitting or lying position, then be prepared for the fact that your Testosterone levels will decrease over time. For a man, an active lifestyle means high Testosterone levels. If you don’t move much, then get off the couch and start to exercise.

Excessive exercise can also negatively affect your Testosterone. Studies show that overtraining can heavily and directly impair Testosterone levels. Try to get tested for your hormones levels, when you are in a state of overtraining. The results will show a drop in your base Testosterone levels and a drop in sperm count. To keep optimal levels of Testosterone, avoid overtraining.

Lack of sleep

Probably, every man had periods when, for some reason, he did not get enough sleep. If we recall those feelings, then many may note a decrease in their sex drive, and it’s not just fatigue. All hormones, including Testosterone, are produced during sleep. The better the sleep, the better the hormonal system can function. Try to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep per night.

Excess body fat

If a man is overweight, his Testosterone is produced in smaller quantities. In turn, the less Testosterone, the faster the formation of body fat that will occur. If you are overweight and you have saggy sides and a large belly, try to remove your excess fat as quickly as possible. The more excess fat you have, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it. This is especially true for those men whose age is close to 40, or over.

Alcohol abuse

You should cut back on alcohol, because alcohol abuse can negatively affect your Testosterone levels. Recent studies show that alcohol consumption in men can cause low Testosterone and erectile dysfunction.


Some prescription medications can have a side effect of inhibiting Testosterone. If you take some medications and think that they could be a reason for your low Testosterone levels, you should go and see your GP.

Testicle Injuries

Even old testicle injuries can lead to low Testosterone levels later in life. If you play sports, wear protection and don’t let anyone kick you in the balls.

Signs of low testosterone

When a man suffers from low Testosterone, one of the first things he will notice is the disappearance of morning wood. In the morning, you naturally have more Testosterone within the body due to an increase of these levels throughout the night. Your brain sends signals to produce more nitric oxide which stimulates Testosterone production and causes erections. So, morning wood or “morning glory” is a great indicator that you produce the right amount of Testosterone within your body.

The second sign of your Testosterone levels are going down, is that your sex drive is going down. If you are not interested in sex or not as interested as you used to be, you can have issues with your Testosterone production.

The first two warning signs may seem quite obvious, but the next one may surprise you, and the third sign is memory loss.

If you are dealing with memory loss, you could be suffering from low Testosterone levels. According to a 2008 Harvard Medical School Study, Testosterone levels may affect men’s cognitive performance.

The other signs of low Testosterone levels are overall tiredness, depression, hair loss, muscle loss and Osteoporosis. After the age of 30, men’s Testosterone levels decrease by an average of at least 1 percent every year.

Tips to boost your testosterone levels

Nutritional supplements

The first rule here is that you should buy supplements from a company you trust. Next, you need to look at the ingredients. In general, we are looking for vitamin D3, Zinc and Magnesium as they help regulate Testosterone levels.


The second tip to level up your Testosterone, is to change the way you work out. Cardio may not be good for your Testosterone levels. The best type of training to boost Testosterone is HIIT. Basically, you need to work with heavy weights. Try low reps with more weight. This will help to build up your Testosterone levels.


Most of us think that we have a healthy diet, but let’s check whether it is good for your Testosterone. You should track what you eat to see exactly what you may be missing. Check if foods you eat are high is Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D. There are foods that you should add if you have low Testosterone levels such as; garlic, tuna, beans, eggs, etc. These foods can help you boost your Testosterone naturally.


Without healthy Testosterone levels, a man cannot live a full life. Testosterone is important for general health, disease risk, body composition, sexual function and just about everything else. To maintain healthy Testosterone levels, you need quality sleep, less stress, moderate physical activity and a balanced diet. By following these simple rules, you will be able to maintain optimal Testosterone levels to stay as strong and healthy for as long as possible!

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