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Ladies, it’s your time to go down from the ivory tower, that is, from the training room in your convenient gym , and sit down under the barbell.

It’s time to put aside the elegant chrome dumbbells and pick up something bigger and heavier. Believe me, the results will be amazing.

5 exercises for a strong and independent YOU

Some women refuse to exercise due to fear of becoming large and masculine. And in vain. It is not true that strength training leads to an increase in testosterone levels, it is not true that they provoke chest hair growth. Powerlifting within a reasonable range will not change your hormonal background, but will improve metabolism , strengthen muscles and increase overall strength.

You can introduce these exercises into your female training program, regardless of age or level of physical fitness. One realization of what incredible things your body is capable of will make you feel great.

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Exercise 1: Romanian Craving or Jerk

It is hard to beat the Romanian craving for efficiency! This is perhaps the best exercise to increase your overall strength level. But the way most people do traction from the ground almost doesn’t work. It is better to start with a variation of the exercise, which is performed from top to bottom, and not from bottom to top. It matters more than you think. Since you start the exercise with its “lowering” part, you pretty much automatically load the buttocks , upper back, and hamstrings at the beginning of each repetition. It is not so easy to do when you lift the barbell from the ground.

Romanian craving or jerk

Install the projectile in a rack at mid-thigh level, lift it and lower it to the floor. Then do the repetitions slowly and under control. To make Romanian traction even cooler, do it with outstretched arms. This additionally activates the muscles in the lower back and upper back, helping you improve your posture and find the desired shape of the lower body.

Read a detailed discussion of the exercise in our article – all about Romanian craving .

Exercise 2: Front Squat

You may think that the difference between front and rear squats is minimal, but it is not. Squats with a barbell in front will make you a real athlete with the least risk of injury.

Front squat

Since the weight is held in front of the body and not behind the neck, it acts as a counterweight, allowing you to squat deeper and keep your back straighter. Front squats put less pressure on the spine, as it remains in its natural position. Although you cannot lift as much as with the front squat as you would with the rear, the load will still be sufficient for training. In addition, by practicing the gym, you can effectively squat on the dance floor. Like this.)

Exercise 3: Pullups

Can you save yourself if you hang from a cliff? If not, then you need pull-ups. They will be able to develop back muscles and make the waist thinner. Most women have a rather weak upper body, as the weight is distributed to the hips and buttocks.


This makes pulling up difficult, but quite possible. If you still cannot do a series of pull-ups, do simplified variations of this exercise. They will allow your body to grow strong enough to be pulled up without assistance. For instance:

  • Fixing the body in the upper position
  • “Hopping” – pulling up (from the ground) with slow lowering
  • Partner Pull ups
  • Pullups in a special simulator – gravitron
  • Use when pulling up elastic tape

Try all the options. Your goal is to achieve independent pull-ups that will help increase your strength and develop strong muscles. In addition, how many women do you know how to perform pull-ups?

Exercise 4: Push Press

When doing a push-press (or bench press), you may feel embarrassed at first, especially if you used to do only bench press or sitting with dumbbells or a barbell. It will take some time to master the correct leg movements. 

Push press

Push-Press is magnificent in that it involves the whole body. Movement goes from the floor to the hands. The main load on the shoulders, but your legs, buttocks and back are also involved (and strengthened). As an added bonus, the push press significantly improves coordination, ideal for anyone involved in athletics. Read also: Stanozolol – what is it? Briefly about the main features of this Steroid

Exercise 5: Jerk

If you are a little advanced in powerlifting, it will be interesting for you to try yourself in the classics of Olympic lifting or crossfit. This refers to a multi-piece and difficult exercise like a jerk.

Hanging jerk

Why should women do a jerk at all? The fact is that this exercise includes a set of movements and has an effect on most of the muscles of the body, and not on a limited amount, like most bench presses and other powerlifting exercises. The hanging jerk is actually one of the best strength exercises. It requires not only a certain strength, but also coordination and balance. Even if you practice it with light weight, you simultaneously: push the weight with your feet, pull and push with your upper body, use the body to control and maintain balance. And all this in one exercise!

How to start strength training

To do this, you need to draw up a training program, learn how to perform exercises correctly, determine the number of approaches and repetitions . There is no simple answer. Instead of delving into the details, trust the trainer and take the first steps in women’s powerlifting a priority for training. If you feel yourself getting stronger, then move in the same direction. Use the found individual scheme as the basis for strength training year-round, and you will get excellent results.

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