I’m a life-long Hoosier without a single hometown. My dad worked for Indiana’s electric utility and we moved 9 times with his promotions before I graduated from high school. I’ve lived in Auburn, Bloomington, Carmel, Angola, Corydon, Greensburg, Russiaville, Kokomo, Bedford, and Indianapolis. I’m the same age as Damon Bailey. My school played basketball against his a few times when I was in 7th and 8th grade. I lit him up once for 3 points, but I doubt it was as memorable for him.

Flat12 Owner, Andrew Teed

Flat12 Owner, Andrew Teed

I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my career working for a great software company based in Plano, Texas. I’ve loved it, but an important part of my job has been on the road, traveling to customer sites and our different offices.  Even though I’ve continued to live in Indiana, it’s been difficult for me to maintain my close ties to the state because of the travel.  So, in 2015, I started looking for a business here at home that I could own which would allow me to strengthen my community ties. The opportunity to buy Flat12 came in late 2016, and I jumped on it. I’m a home brewer who has a passion for the industry, so Flat12 has been a great fit me. I love this state, and I’m so appreciative to have grown up here. I’m equally appreciative for all the support the state has given Flat12.

It’s no secret our business had some financial challenges when I bought it. I spent most of the first year addressing the challenges through a series of investments that have made the company sustainable and healthy. Owning a brewery is incredibly fun, but none of us do it with visions of big profits.  Breweries aren’t good business models compared to other industries I’ve been exposed to, but they’re perfect for the community draw I was after.  

Those of us in the business also love to make new outstanding beers. Flat12, and myself in particular, are fortunate that our brewing operations are led by award winning Head Brewer, Sean Lewis. “Lewis” isn’t only a great brewer, he’s also a great guy and first class in every measurable way. Where 2017 was our year to ensure the sustainability of our business, 2018 is our year to begin fully exercising Lewis’s brilliance through a variety of new beers we’re bringing to market.  Please check out our 2018 calendar to see the availability of all our releases including our new Woodwerks, Sourwerks, and Funkwerks programs as well as our new Fruited Kolsch Series made with real Oregon fruit. These are high quality and expensive beers to produce. We’re pursuing them because we expect the best of ourselves and want to share it with you.         

You’ll find the genesis of our company name on our cans which encapsulates what we’re all about… “The ingenuity of the Flathead 12 cylinder engine revolutionized racing in the great state of Indiana. We foster that same spirit of ingenuity with every beer we create.“  In summary, we love making unique beer and love doing it in the Hoosier State!  

I encourage you to visit our brewery and sample our creations. While here, you can also enjoy authentic Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies from Kristina Mazza, the owner of Hoagies & Hops.  Her food is terrific and nicely complements our beers. Please also check out our taproom calendar to find dates for events such as our Ultimate Fantasy Trivia hosted by Sergey Grechukhin, our Garage Sound local music series lead by our own brewer Erik Fox, and stand-up comedy from Rocketship Comedy lead by outstanding comedian and promoter, Cam O’Connor.

Come see us in the Holy Cross neighborhood, just east of Downtown Indy.  We’d love to get to know you. 










If you are a 501 3c organization seeking a donation, please fill out the following form. We are grateful for the community involvement opportunities making beer affords us. We receive a great many requests and review them on a monthly basis, taking care to participate in as many as we are able. Thank you for your interest. Cheers!

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A few of the organizations and events we support annually through sponsorships or donations include:

Indianapolis Parks Foundation


Pints For Parks

Indy Urban Acres

St. Vincent's Key to the Cure

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Heroes Foundation / Project Militia

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

ROW - Reconnecting To Our Waterways

Movember Indy

Indianapolis City Market

Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue Shelter


NESCO - Near East Side Community Organization

Holy Cross Neighborhood Association

Cottage Home Neighborhood Association

Herron-Morton Neighborhood Association

Windsor Park Neighborhood Association

Irvington Development Organization

Arsenal 5K

Phoenix Theater

Indy Do Day


What is this floating in my beer?

Over time, yeast and proteins in beer can begin to solidify and form sediment, haze or sometimes "floaties" in beer.

It can range in color from creamy white to tan and naturally occurs over time but does not affect the flavor of the beer. Of course if you are unsatisfied with any Flat12 products, please contact us HERE.







Riley Pediatric Heart Research Association

Indianapolis Diocese



Noblesville Parks

Greenfield, Hope Center

Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association

Indiana Soccer Foundation

Penrod Society

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

FIDO - Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside

Feast of Lanterns

Scecina High School: Club 53

Riley Area Development Corp

American Heart Association

American Lung Association

Coats For Kids

John H. Boner Community Center

The Julian Center

and many more!