12 Gallon Series

The 12 Gallon Series is a pilot series of experimental, small batch beers created by our production crew and staff. With this program, our team has the opportunity to brew unique beers such as Cotton Candy Tripel, a Belgian Tripel brewed with cotton candy flossing sugar, or OctoGose, a black gose brewed with squid ink. Giving ourselves creative license keeps us innovative and competitive with recipes and styles, and exists to satisfy our curiosity, cravings and creative urges. 

Look for periodic 12 Gallon Series events like our recent #BeerWars brew-off, a Star Wars themed brewing competition that took place in anticipation of The Force Awakens premiere. How does it work? The production team is given a theme and must develop a beer, name it and create the artwork for the brew. Customers vote on their favorite in each category, with the winners leading the next event.

The 12 Gallon Series also acts as a taproom test kitchen where particularly outstanding recipes have the potential to be brewed on a larger scale.

We're always open to bringing in other ideas, so the series also features collaborations with other organizations such as our friends at Indiana on Tap, the Dumpbuckets, Indy Star, and Indy Urban Acres.

Follow @Flat12Gallon on Twitter and watch the Events page for the latest 12 Gallon Series release.


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