Stand-Up Comedy with Stewart Huff

FRIDAY | FEBRUARY 8 | DOORS @ 8:00P | 21+ | $10 ADVANCE | $12 DOOR

Rocketship Comedy is proud to present the return of our absolute favorite, Stewart Huff, to the taproom of Flat12!

Flat 12 Bierwerks
414 N. Dorman St

Austin Reel
Lexy Madrid
Joe Bates
Dyke Michaels

Hosted by:
Cam O'Connor

It's that time of year again gang. For Stewart Huff to make you feel good.

"Stewart Huff is the best. Every year he comes to town to electrify crowds that had no idea what to expect. Even those who HAVE seen him, are still blown away by the new stuff. An hour of material the quality of Huff's takes most comedians years to refine, and perfect. But Stewart goes through his material at a rapid pace. He writes it, works it out, works it out some more, til he is "happy with it", then records it, and then starts over again.

Huff is able to also help the local comedy scene as well, whichever city he is in that day. An instant friend, he makes time to talk with everyone who wants to. Stewart's comedy inspires all of us, because he shows us how much can be done with the artform. And offstage, he has the warmest, most welcoming demeanor. Always willing to have a calm chat with a rookie comic, and he might even ask them for advice on a joke he is working on. Some of my favorite times in comedy have been late night breakfasts with Stewart in a greasy diner with a bunch greasy comics.

If you haven't seen Stewart before, then, first of all I'd say that you need to. His act is not all the way "comedy". It's like 50% comedy, and 50% philosophy. All the needed skills of a great comedian to entertain, combined with the heart of a passionate educator. Like a teacher that cares so much about you learning the lesson, that they make the class entertaining, and you want to take it all in. Look, just make sure to come watch my friend do stand up comedy. You'll most likely love it."

Cam O'Connor
Rocketship Founder

Stewart Huff was born in Campbellsville, Kentucky and grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has been performing comedy for over 20 years, beginning when he decided to drop out of college to become a writer. Currently touring theatres, comedy clubs and anything in between across the country, Huff reaches past the norm for his genuine — and genuinely unexpected — comedy. His knack for embracing the foibles of humanity and his refreshing originality make him as likeable as he is hilarious. A storyteller at heart, Huff continues to amaze with his clever material and personal wit.

Huff has performed in comedy clubs nationally and internationally, including the Improv in Los Angeles and New York, the Punchline in Atlanta and the Funny Bone in Omaha, as well as countless others.

A finalist in the 2006 Boston Comedy Festival, Huff was also invited to perform in the HBO Las Vegas Festival, where his act can be viewed on pay-per-view. Stewart was also the 2016 Critics Choice of the Best Comedy at the Orlando Fringe Festival.

He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his girlfriend. There he drops off the various items he collects while on the road, including an antique barber chair, countless vintage photographs, and an extensive collection of LP’s. She likes this.

He is featured in the documentary Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages, which was released in Fall 2012.