Flat12 Film Night: The Great Rupert


Join us at Flat12 for a classic holiday film showing in the taproom Wednesday, December 19th!

Sip on the 12 beers of Christmas while enjoying "The Great Rupert," a comedy focusing on the talents of animator George Pal with a stop-motion animation dancing squirrel who rescues a family at Christmas time.

Film preservationist, Eric Grayson will project these films and provide historical information for each. Questions welcome!

More info:
The Great Rupert (1950) Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore. Special-effects wizard George Pal (1908-80) had come from Hungary as an ace animator of the Puppetoon series in the 1930s and 1940s. This is his first feature picture starring Jimmy Durante as part of a family that has seen better times. They are all on the edge of giving up when they encounter a squirrel named Rupert who mysteriously delivers money to them each week! There's a deep message about being greedy and the Christmas spirit.

Plus! A mystery short film!