Halloween at Flat12
Tour the ZomBrewery!

It’s almost that spooky time of year… Halloween is upon us. One of our favorite holidays, Flat12 goes all out every year to bring the best bash in Indy. What’s in store this Halloween? Something strange is happening in the back of the brewery… Would you dare to venture into a facility run by zombies brewing beer made of people? You might be the next grain to be milled or maybe the next hop addition in the boil. Make your way down to Flat12 Friday, October 30th and Saturday the 31st to take a tour of the ZomBrewery! Try the tart Zombie Jack along with other special Flat Jack Pumpkin tappings and mingle with ZomBrewers.

Tours begin Friday night from 6:00p-8:00p, then we’ll celebrate Halloween night with continued ZomBrewery tours 7:00p-9:00p, Tony Beemer DJ’ing 7:00p-11:00p, costume contests, and local food – it’s the spookiest party in town!

ZomBrewery Tours
Friday, October 30th / 6-8p / FREE / 21+
Saturday, October 31st / 7-9p / FREE / 21+

Halloween Party at Flat12
Saturday, October 31st
414 Dorman Street
Indianapolis, IN
6p-Midnight / 21+ / FREE

So what happened in the back of the brewery anyway? Watch the trailer and get the full story below!

The fearless mad scientists of Flat12 Bierwerks are always researching for their next creation. Pushing limits and laughing at the status quo, no idea is beyond pursuing. In an attempt to brew a new beer for Halloween, Dr. Hopenstein traveled to Transylvania in order to harvest yeast from a spooky castle. Upon his return, Brewer EZ Fox brewed a small batch of their Flat Jack Pumpkin Ale using the Transylvanian yeast with Head Brewer and barrel extraordinaire, Sean Lewis, aging the new brew in an oak coffin. The result was tart and delicious and all celebrated with a pint – Head Cellarman Will Green proposed a cheers to the success of yet another experiment.

A few days later, Assistant Brewer Kris Berger, began to complain of head and stomach pains. Bottling pro News and Kegger Broc also began to complain, but of losing hair and skin. But things got weird when New Guy Mike came into work with tattered clothes, a vacant stare, and cried out in angst and hunger, ‘brains…’

It was clear to Dr. Hopenstein, something had gone terribly wrong. Despite their perfect mash temp, their flawless sparge, and their raging rolling boil, the experimental yeast had turned them all into zombies, nay ZomBrewers! Their lust for hops, barley, water, and yeast faded… they only desired blood. Grain shipments decreased, hop orders were no longer necessary, and mysteriously people began to vanish after each tour…Be a part of the mystery, and take a tour of the ZomBrewery! Muahahaha!