Flat12’s new owner, Jason Wuerfel of Books & Brews

Flat12’s new owner, Jason Wuerfel of Books & Brews

The Flat12 team is excited to announce we have changed ownership, as we welcome Books & Brews owner, Jason Wuerfel, our new CEO.

The Flat12 production team, led by our Head Brewer, Sean Lewis, has been contract brewing Books & Brews’ beers for the past two years, so it was a natural move for our organizations to join forces. Aggressive adaptation is necessary in this increasingly competitive craft beer landscape, and the move will allow both of our companies to continue to produce the beers, events and ambience our consumers have come to love.

"As Books & Brews grew, we got to a critical point where you start to look at the numbers," Wuerfel said. "Really, the purchase came out of our relationship with the brewers there,” said Jason Wuerfel.

Consumers are unlikely to notice any changes to either of the establishments as a result of this acquisition. Current staff for both businesses will continue on to lead their respective brands. Core beer portfolios will remain unchanged and we will continue brewing innovative beers and hosting the quirky events and community initiatives that put us on the map.  

“We are excited to welcome Jason, and the entire Books and Brews team to the Flat12 family. Flat12 will continue to produce the beers and events our community rallies around. Our breweries will collaborate to continue to make high quality, exciting beers, in a wide variety of beer styles,” said Marketing & Events Director, Valerie Green.

Flat12’s Eighth Anniversary Beer Festival is set for Saturday, January 26th, and will serve as a celebration of our history and new developments!

About Flat12

Flat12 Bierwerks was formed in 2010 just east of downtown Indianapolis in the Holy Cross neighborhood. Their sustainable success is attributable to their passion for offering high-quality, unique, and enjoyable beers for all pallets. The ingenuity of the Flathead 12 cylinder engine revolutionized racing in the great state of Indiana. Flat12 Bierwerks fosters that same spirit of ingenuity with every beer they create

About Books & Brews

Books & Brews opened its first store in Indianapolis, Indiana in March, 2014 with a simple mission in mind: provide a place for people without a place; where all are accepted, appreciated, and encouraged to be themselves. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jason Wuerfel was a stay at home dad of his then newborn daughter when he started brewing his own beer at home. Mr. Wuerfel will be the first to tell you that he didn’t know anything about brewing beer, but with everything he does, he set out to find the best recipes and practices to brew that special beer. As he was at home, beginning to perfect his beer recipes, he began to dream about a place that welcomed everyone in its doors, regardless of background. Coming from an entrepreneurial family and having a deep love for books, games, video games, and beer, the idea of Books & Brews was beginning to emerge.

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