1. Beer loves, if not encourages, love handles, a squishy tummy and lack of thigh gap.

2. Not having to share the bed. Having it all to yourself as your beer rests on the night stand.

3. More sweatpants. Beer and sweatpants are the best partnership in life.

4. Beer comes in a variety of flavors and doesn’t get jealous when you try other flavors.

5. Beer won’t criticize your cooking. In fact, it will help you add a little something extra to some of your favorite dishes.

6. Beer won’t get bored or interrupt you. Beer is a great listener.

7. It’s always exactly what you want to bring home for the holidays.

8. Beer tastes really good (ok… let’s just leave that one alone).

9. Beer never expects you to cook dinner, it is dinner.

10. Beer has seen things (your early 20s, karaoke, when you know the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs…), BUT beer will never judge you. Beer loves you.

11. Beer always knows what you want, because you always want beer. Right?

12. If you drink enough beer it tastes like love.

In conclusion...