5th Anniversary Super Special Bomber Hunt!


It's our birthday, but the Flat12 production crew has a gift for you! A very limited amount of super special wax dipped bombers will be on sale at the Anniversary Party Saturday, January 16, but as usual, there's a twist... Read on to find out how to snag one.

It all started with a Corsair Artisan Triple Smoke Whiskey barrel. Flat12 brewers sent the barrel up to our friends at the Newmun Homestead in Fort Wayne, and they filled it with their famous Indiana maple syrup, "Martha's Maple Madness." Once they emptied and bottled the barrel aged maple syrup, they returned the barrel to Flat12. The crew then filled it with 15 gallons of our Pinko! Russian Imperial Stout, and thus was born клен (pronounced "Klen",) Barrel Aged Indiana Maple Syrup Pinko! Russian Imperial Stout. 

It was too good to keep to ourselves. Because it was such an experiment, the brewers only yielded roughly 12 gallons, which has been broken down into a limited amount of bombers to share with our 5th Anniversary Celebration attendees. 

You won't find #Клен (Klen) on the shelves. To get your rare bomber, here's how it works:

Follow the Flat12 production crew on Twitter. Each one of the crew has a select amount of bottles to sell throughout the event, but pay attention to their special instructions. After they tweet, follow their instructions, find them, then you'll be lead to a hidden location to sample the beer with an opportunity to buy 1 bomber. Bombers of #КленPinko are $25 each, include a sample, a half pint, and the envy of all your friends.

Director of Brewery Ops, Sean Manahan @manahansf

Head Brewer, Sean Lewis @hellobrewery

Brewer, EZ @erik_fox

Head Cellarman, Will @willis_f12

Packaging Manager & Assistant Brewer, Kouch @kristopherbrews

Cellarman, Mike @punchdataint

Also, keep an eye on hashtag #КленPinko

Good luck everyone!