Bottling – Let’s ship it!

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The first round of bottling at Flat 12 Bierwerks is in the books. So now, shelf space gets set, cases move from storage to truck to the liquor store. And there’s a July 4th holiday in the middle of there.

It’s exciting to watch it happen – a product delivered, to date, by kegs (on draft) – will now be available in bottles. We’ll start with a modest roll-out (Amber and Porter to start, with IPA to follow) – in Central Indiana, Southern Indiana, then North – the objective being to add to the ability of Flat 12 drinkers to find the beer in a store near them, while maintaining the supply of draft beer available for existing and new bars and restaurants.

Putting it on the shelf: how did the label happen? As you may or may not know, the Flat 12 Bierwerks name and ethos owes much of to our location, here in Indianapolis its heritage, Flat 12 being a reference to the “flathead 12 cylinder engine and the ‘bierwerks’ a nod to the German immigrant roots of our neighborhood. The logo, a collaboration of Rob Caputo and Mindfull Design, exhibits that automotive reference point:

The labels. They diverge from this classic, art-deco look. As Head Brewer Rob Caputo and illustrator Mike Altman explain, the labels take vintage, meld it with humor and self-deprecation and offer a promise not to take ourselves too seriously – while treating the beer with utmost care.
(Apologies for the formatting; necessary upgrades being made)

We’ll post more on the topic as we roll out additional styles in bottles. We look forward to sharing a bottle with you.

5 comments on “Bottling – Let’s ship it!

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  2. Aubrey

    This is awesome! I am moving to Maine soon…can you ship out there?

    1. word317

      Wow. Safe travels! We are distributing in Indiana only. However, if you spend a few minutes on a beer blog, you can usually find someone to trade with (someone with an interest in getting beer from Maine).

  3. JohnnyHopps

    Can’t wait til the bottles make it to Northwest Indiana. … Hope you guys eventually do bombers of the seasonals/small batch types.

    1. word317

      We will be there. And we definitely are intent on doing some seasonals and small batches as production allows. Thanks for your support!


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