Summer’s Bitter End – Re-experience the festival beers

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Summer comes to an end. You have memories, perhaps hazy, of a beer you had at a festival. You’d like to see it again. But it was a “one-off”, never more to be seen, like that fleeting summer vacation fling. It makes one misty-eyed just to think about it.

We’re not gonna let it play out that way. In celebration of the solstice and the official end of summer, we’re bringing some of those fleeting moments, shared with a beer, back for a visit. Summer’s Bitter End brings flavors tasted at Indiana Microbrewer’s Fest, Great Taste of the Midwest, Beers over Wabash and others, and rekindles your love with them for one beautiful Saturday afternoon. Ahhhhhh.

Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll tap a bunch of beers and pour pints, growlers where possible, including:

NABC collab -Die Saur von Satan
Wimbledon English Mild
Australian Open Galaxy Lager
US Open The Sista’s Double Black Cherry Stout
Summer Cycle
Sushi Saison
Chewbacca Defense California Common
Citrus Cyclo Belgo IPA
Cucumber Kolsch

The fun will start on Saturday, September 22nd, at Noon. See you then!

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2 comments on “Summer’s Bitter End – Re-experience the festival beers

  1. Katie

    I LOVE the Die Saur von Satan!! But I won’t be in town that day :( Set some aside for me? 😉 Or will you have it again any time soon?

    1. word317

      It’s lovable aint it? You may have to plead your case in person for a set aside.
      By the way – tapping Barrel-aged Flat Jack tomorrow. Pints only.


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