East Nashville Beer Festival

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Matt Leff is a fan of a challenge. After spending time in Portland and Atlanta, he was also a fan of great craft beer. So when he moved to Nashville and discovered there was one large beer festival (and yet such a larger universe of beer out there), he knew his next challenge: the East Nashville Beer Festival. In only his second year, it looks like he’s established a winner. This year’s tickets sold out in under an hour. (Leff intentionally keeps the festival at a scale that will allow everyone to enjoy the day). The beer list looks exciting and the festival has expanded to a week full of activities.

When he approached Flat 12, told us the story of how he developed the festival out of a sincere desire to make something great happen in his neighborhood, we were on board. All the buzz points to an exciting weekend. The brewers will jet (packed tightly in a van or maybe Josh’s Cube) down there on Friday. They’re really looking forward to it. If you’re attending, come by and say ‘hi’ to the guys.

More on the festival and East Nashville:


What’s up with music in East Nashville? (From the UK Guardian/Observer, via Otis Gibbs)


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