Events » Flat 12 Night at The Heorot

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Heorot, legendary bar in Muncie, IN, opens its Valhalla Room for the Flat 12 Brewers and their beers.

Tickets, available at the Heorot and Flat 12, are $12 which includes the 12 beer samples and live music from Red Asphalt, all starting at 7pm. Saturday, January 12th.

The Beers:

1. Walkabout Pale Ale

2. Half Cycle IPA

3. Lacto-Matic Milk Stout

4. 2013 Winter Cycle Double IPA

5.  Rye Barrel Big Black Dog

6.  Farmageddon

7.  Pinko Russian Imperial Stout

8.  Moustache Ride (BA Amber/Vanilla Beans) Nitro

9.  2012 Wine Barrel Winter Cycle

10.  Cow Tipper Nitro

11.  Glazed Ham Porter

12.  Nunmoere Black ABA

13.  Moustache Ride Red

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