Events » Brewstone Beer Company. Flights on 12/12/12

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

How about a celebration of the number 12, whether it’s 12 on the calendar(days/mo/year), 12 cylinders, a dozen eggs, Andrew Luck’s jersey or the stroke of midnight on 12/11/12?

Brewstone Beer Company is up for at least putting on another Flat 12 tap in honor of the auspicious occasion. The boys and girls of Brewstone will throw on some Glazed Ham Porter in addition to their regular Flat 12 contingent. Four Flat 12 beers on tap. Flights available.         Mmm…Ham in a glass. You didn’t know that you’d like that did you?

The Flat 12 Beer Truck. Pointing north on 12/12/12.

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