Events » ‘About Firkin Time to Tap a Pin’ at Tomlinson Tap Room

12:00 pm

Tomlinson Tap Room, City Market
Delaware and Market, 2nd Floor
Indianapolis, IN

Firkin poster

Every First Friday we are going to have this thing, a firkin thing, at Tomlinson Tap Room. No, that’s not a typo. We said firkin, a firkin pin that is.

So, are you thinking what the firk is a firkin yet? Well, it’s a small cask, in this case a pin, which holds about 5 gallons. It’s used for brewing cask conditioned ales. And fun fact, it’s served directly from the container it was fermented in.

This month’s specialty at Tomlinson Tap Room is:

Nunmoere Black ABA (American Black Ale).

But, every First Friday it will change. So, if this month’s tapping isn’t your thing, stop in next month to see the what new firkin pin is on tap.


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