Wild Boar BBQ Menu

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$5  Sandwiches (Seasoned with our signature spice rub and smoked with a blend of hickory  & cherry hardwood.)

–       Pulled Pork – We smoke our pork butts until the meat falls off the bone. This sandwich is moist and delicious just the way it is, but top it with our Kickin’ Cole Slaw and one of our signature sauces and you will think you’ve gone to hog heaven!

–       Beef Brisket – We add a bit of fresh ground coffee beans to our signature rub to give this moist and succulent cut of beef a refined roasted flavor. This is a must for anyone who likes beef!

–       Spicy Mother Clucker – A chicken salad like no other with a blend of tarragon, red peppers and tender chunks of chicken breast; this sandwich is destined for greatness! Oh, and did we mention a healthy dose of cayenne?

$9  Half Slab St. Louis style ribs – Babybacks are for babies! These ribs are thick, meaty and falling-off-the- bone delicious! Excellent dry or smothered in one of our signature BBQ sauces.

$7 Rib Tip – The uglier, but just as delicious, half of the spare rib.  If looks don’t matter, a rib tip may be the meal for you.

$7 Half Chicken – That’s right!  A whole half chicken! A wing, drumstick, thigh, breast; all moist and smoky delicious!

$1.50 Side dishes -Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese – need we say more?

Kickin’ Cole Slaw – Just awesome!  You’ll need a mint!

Fresh Corn Salad – Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect summer side. (Seasonal)

$1 BBQ potato chips – They’re dirrrty?

Signature BBQ Sauces

Sweeeet! is our smoky sweet sauce with a touch of honey and a hint of black pepper.

Wild Mild is a happy medium of our Sweeeet! sauce with fresh garlic and grated horseradish to give it a kick.

The Heat is bringin’ it with fresh garlic and grated horseradish, and our very own special pepper blend.

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