Indiana Beer is GABF Powerhouse

POSTED ON: October 4, 2011 by

Cheers to Indiana Beer!The  Great American Beer Festival took place last weekend in Denver, Colorado. As part of the festival, there is a juried competition – one of the most esteemed in the world. With 80+ beer style categories being judged, it would seem there is ample opportunity for a brewery to find its niche. However, in even the lesser known styles, there is likely to be 30 or more entries. And in some categories, “Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer” for instance, the entries exceeded 100!

Given the sheer talent involved, the number of breweries entered and the effort required to enter a competition half way across the country, it is truly a feat that Indiana breweries, including Brugge, Rock Bottom College Park, Sun King and Three Floyds, as a group, took home more hardware than any other state. That’s Gold, Silver and Bronze. In a fantastic showing, led by Sun King with 8 total medals, Indiana breweries medaled 19.2% of the beers entered for judging. These brewers have done Indiana proud!

For more on the GABF experience, check out Hoosier Beer Geek. They give you the full experience. Our Head Brewer, Rob, and Co-Founder, Sean, attended (but did not enter) this year, and they don’t do so well with cameras, so HBG is definitely your source for in-depth GABF coverage and glossy photos (And mastheads that make me laugh). Again, Cheers to Indiana Beer for a 19.2% winning rate at the 2011 GABF. Awesome!

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